The crazy plan of a group of scientists to drill a volcano and obtain unlimited energy

A new type of sustainable energy can be discovered with the help of these manifestations of the planet's inner strength

Volcanoes can be a new, inexhaustible source of energy

On planet Earth there are geological structures that leave us with powerful images. We know how volcanoes form and we also know how many active volcanoes there are in Iceland, the country where a group of scientists wants to operate. an experiencewhich today can be described as a crazy adventure, but it can offer us Virtually unlimited power supply.

Use volcanoes to obtain a new source of energy

the Krafla Magma Testbed Organization Post a Article on the University of Liverpool websitein 2018, where they explained how they could use material Contained in Magma chambers To convert it to clean energy.

This organization, named after the caldera of the Krafla volcano in Iceland, seeks to continue previous work in the region, where previously… Attempts were made to dig wells To explore this geothermal potential. However, A Previous project Didn't calculate the camera depth correctly and ended up leaving The well is useless Which they were building, because of its height Temperatureswhich was about 450°C.

Of course, it hasn't been all bad news for the aforementioned project since then The collapse of the well was confirmed Which holes It is heading towards one of these magma cavities It was not synonymous with causing a volcano to erupt. Now, after some time, a group of scientists is seeking to begin a new excavation, which could begin in 2026.

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Planning must be precise and attempt to integrate Sensors and drilling tools able to Withstand temperature and pressure Coming from inside the planet. Hgalti Pál IngolfssonThis was in statements reported by New Scientist media. Confirms Which:

The ability to penetrate the crust and extract magma samples will give us tremendous knowledge. We hope to be able to at least take direct measurements of temperature, something that has never been done before

he project It takes more time to research, but it might as well be the case interesting to He finishes Understand how continental crust is formed And help Prevent rashes In volcanoes with similar characteristics.

Moreover, from one point of view clean energyWe're talking about it the first time a wellone will be added DisplaysIndeed by 2028, which will allow this Power generation Through extremely hot water and very high pressures to move turbines through the planet's energy.

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