The college was present at the first meeting of the Chairs of Science Journalism and Public Science Communication within the framework of REDCOM – College of Journalism and Social Communication


Under the theme “Argentine Science, Communication and Teaching: Challenges in the Current Context”, the first meeting of the Heads of Science Journalism and Public Science Communication of the National Network of Communication Jobs (REDCOM) was held virtually. This activity was coordinated by the National University of Moreno, the National University of La Matanza, and the National University of San Luis.

Teachers, students, researchers and professionals in the field of public science communication and science journalism exchanged ideas and experiences about Argentine science, communication and education. The day began with the presentation of three experts on the subject: Gastón Ortiz, science journalist, producer and host of “Radio Saludarte 2 Jujuy”, Florencia La Bombarda, biologist and founder of the platforms Science and Art Argentina and Tomátelo con Ciencia, and Santiago Liaudat CONICET, a researcher specializing in science, technology and society. Their presentations served as a general framework for the analysis and reflections that the teachers and students later continued to develop. In this context, the Faculty shared the different activities it is developing, both with regard to teaching public communication of science, as well as strategies and practices aimed at making visible scientific production carried out by the various spaces in our institution. Participation in such meetings fosters dialogue among colleagues, enhances the training experiences of our students and enhances the potential for strengthening inter-institutional relationships in a context in which working together becomes increasingly necessary and urgent.

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