The call logs of some T-Mobile customers may have been accessed in a recent breach

T-Mobile suffered a security breach in December that may have revealed call-related information and phone numbers for some of its customers. I mentioned it first before Sleeping computerInformation affected by the breach Not The company said including names on customer accounts, physical or email addresses, financial data, credit card information, Social Security numbers, tax IDs, passwords, or personal identification numbers.

T-Mobile said in a statement emailed to the edge It has notified “less than 0.2 percent” of its customers – which works with about 200,000 people – that some account information may have been accessed illegally. This information “may include phone numbers, the number of subscribed lines, and in a small number of cases some information regarding calls has been collected as part of normal operation and service.” T-Mobile says it “identified this attack in early December and quickly stopped it.” Affected customers have been notified via text message.

In a notice on its website, T-Mobile said its security team has “closed malicious and unauthorized access” and has launched an investigation to determine the information involved. The company reported the situation to federal law enforcement.

T-Mobile has experienced numerous data breaches in recent years; In 2018, hackers were accessed Personal information for nearly 2 million customers Which included names, addresses, and account numbers. at 2019 Some of the company’s prepaid customers They were affected by a breach that accessed names, addresses, and account numbers. And in March 2020 breach Disclosure of some T-Mobile customers’ financial information, Social Security numbers and other account information.

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