The Berlin spin-off from Paper House will arrive on Netflix in 2023

Mexico City.- Netflix Celebrate the last season of Stealing money With actors and fans in a live event and exclusive content broadcast globally. The event was full of revelations, like what the subsidiary company called Berlin, in the year 2023.

Alvaro Morte (The Professor), Ursula Corbeiro (Tokyo) and Pedro Alonso (Berlin), along with other members of La Panda, came together to celebrate and share special moments from the series with never-before-seen previews and anecdotes.

The hybrid event, which the celebrities attended, was broadcast via a digital site with simultaneous audio subtitles in ten different languages. It was a worldwide celebration worthy of one of the most successful foreign language shows on Netflix.

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The highlight of the night at the event Stealing money included:

Cecilia Kroll joined live on stage and sang the main theme of the series, “My life goes on”.

Those who followed the event were aware of the official announcement of Role from “Berlin”which will arrive in 2023.

Becky J Send his best wishes to everyone through a video before the exclusive teaser for his cover appears “Bella Chow”.

following squid game They were shocked when Park Hae Soo, who will play Berlin in the Korean version of Stealing money Coming in 2022, join them in a video. He was holding the iconic mask sent by Pedro Alonso, and promised to send the Korean mask to his counterpart when it is revealed next year.

Fans who were unable to watch the event live can head over to YouTube channel @LaCasadePapel, with multiple translation options.


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