The area has 19 doctors

Valentina Zawadzky got a score: A 10. This closed the final schedule for three consecutive days of final exams in the medical profession at the National University of Villa Maria (UNVM).

The young woman from Canals came out to the entrance hall and hugged the other students who were wearing white coats to take the photo. Then the whole noise broke out outside the building, in the building where family and friends were waiting, hunkered down in some shade, on a sunny afternoon. Foam, Flour, Washers, Vingala and Tire with devotion to beginner professionals.

Congratulations, hugs, tears and nervous laughter vent tensions. Another hug. A father who shakes hands is ready to proudly greet the other. Two grandmothers waving a small card in each hand, stretching their arms forward, saying a lot of love and praise to the former girl in a white apron who walks towards them.

many layer

It’s a big group,” said Gloria Fadori, director of functional medicine, when asked by an El Diario historian. He noted that the first cohort had six finalists and then three, so they celebrated the 19 and “all agreed, because they got to this point very prepared.”

Fadori explained that “the final exams were held over three consecutive days, after they passed the mandatory final practice (PFO) in different areas or sectors of public and private health (for nine months), and performed both primary health care, as specialties. This is how With it they build their practice, in the sixth and final year of the degree, while continuing to assess and continue to learn.” Then come the exams. The first day, Thursday, they have a writing on the theoretical content, on all the knowledge gained; The second day is more practical, they must evaluate a clinical case, with a patient, to demonstrate their ability to apply that knowledge; And on the third day (yesterday) they expose and defend with academic reasons.”

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The directive stated, “This is a complex profession, but they already have their title, what is coming is access to (optional) housing, which they must also prepare for. There is a lot waiting for your exam. There they will take their experience and specialization, but they are already doctors.” He pointed out that “the nine (former) graduates were residing in good housing that they managed to reach.” “We are aware that they have been sought as professionals with the skills to perform,” Fadori added, noting that there was a follow-up from the university and noted “the accompaniment of University President Luis Negretti and Dean Daniela Dubois.”

On whether the number of new arrivals (60 per year) facilitates the learning phase and can be made more personal, he said that it “makes it possible, but it is not the solution” and that it “already happens” that sometimes there are 80-student courses, because they are staying. It’s a complicated race.”

Yesterday the litter was celebrated and the teachers celebrated the achievement on campus. Pictures and hugs, all in common.


Sabrina Perotti

She is from Villa Maria and yesterday, with number 9 on the notebook, she became the first doctor in the family. He explained to a historian in El Diario that the first feeling was that after these tests “there is a new beginning”. “I felt relieved after my sacrifices and those of my family,” he added. “Most of them are planning to do the residency for the specialty,” he said, and in his case he said, “I would like dermatologists.”

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Gonzalo Picero

The young man from Etruria (8 years old) also became the first doctor in his family, as he had professionals around him, such as his veterinary mother and cousin, who watched him with one-sided admiration, “I feel very happy,” he said .. and embraced those who “always accompany me” . “My mother convinced me to study medicine and here we are,” he added. He was the standard-bearer of the General Paz Institute in his hometown, and is now considering majoring in gynecology “in Buenos Aires, God willing.”

Laura Alonso

“Today was calmer. Yesterday (Friday) there was more pressure to be with the patients… difficult, but very good. There is a lot of emotion, a sense of relief,” shared the young woman from Villa Maria, who is now the first female doctor in the family and he hugs her her father again. After turning eight, she said, “I chose to study medicine from a very young age and started without having to think about it again.” He said he would now pursue his major in surgery, “the audition is in Cordoba and Villa Maria.”

They are back in the assembly work

The graduation ceremonies at the National University of Villa Maria will be held face to face and will take place on December 16-17 in the new sports hall. This is the thirty-fifth semester for awarding diplomas, and this year will mark a return to existence after two virtual editions, due to the health emergency and restrictions on holding mega-events.

On this occasion, 505 professionals trained in undergraduate, postgraduate and postgraduate positions related to social sciences, humanities, basic and applied sciences will receive their dictated certificates in Villa Maria, San Francisco, Villa del Rosario and Cordoba.

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The celebrations, led by Rector Luis Negretti and the authorities of the management team, will be broadcast live on Uniteve screen and YouTube Live.

It should be noted that the thirty-fifth arrangement is held this year within the framework of the “UNVM Alumni Day”, the date on which the first compilation act of the House of Graduate Studies was enshrined on December 17, 2003.

Since its inception, more than 5,500 students have graduated, who have chosen to view their future and undergo their professional training in the classrooms of the State University.

verbs unfold

The first day, scheduled for Thursday, December 16 at 7:30 p.m., will coincide with the more than 270 alumni of the Institute of Social Sciences.

On the following day, at the same time, those who have completed their careers in the institutes of humanities and basic and applied sciences will receive their study certificates.

With the aim of expanding capacity and respecting existing protocols, both events will be moved from the Auditorium to the roofed Multi-Stadium in Villa María, which opened in June of this year and is located in the entrance area of ​​the university city of this city.

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