The “Alice Kellen Phenomenon” arrives in the United States

Valencia (EP). The United States joins the list of countries where the work of Valencian writer Alice Kellen is published, since the North American publisher Sourcebooks acquired the English rights to her work. In this way, the list already includes France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

The “Alice Killen phenomenon”, which has already exceeded one million readers, popped up two years ago at the Madrid Book Fair and was confirmed at the Valencia Book Fair and at the recent Sant Jordi fair. With “long queues of followers waiting over seven hours to get their signature”, the phenomenon is now reaching the United States. The prestigious American publisher Sourcebooks has acquired the rights to four of Alice Keelen’s novels, which is a remarkable fact because it is usual to get the rights on the basis of unity.

Deb Werksman, Editor of Sourcebooks, fell in love with Kellen’s stories: “I immediately saw the appeal of Alice Kellen’s work to today’s reader. Alice writes sensitive, true stories and emotionally compelling accounts of coming of age in today’s world. Alice’s love, sorrows, dreams, and ambitions is believable It arouses the desire to read.”

latin america tour

Plus, Alice Kellen has just returned from her first Latin American tour, visiting Argentina and Chile with “overwhelming success,” all of her book signing tickets sold out within minutes of being announced and entire theaters filled with your readers. He will resume his tour of other Latin American countries in February.

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It should be noted that many of Alice Keelen’s novels are in negotiations with major producers to convert them into audiovisual content. Alice Keelen was born in Valencia in 1989. She loves cats, the arts, and endless visits to bookstores. In addition, he likes to live among the characters and the feelings that he captures on paper.

His novels “It’s Still Raining”, “The Day the Snow Stopped in Alaska”, “The Boy Who Drawn the Constellations”, “33 Reasons to See You Again”, “23 Autumn Before You”, “13 Crazy Things to Give You”, “Take Me Anywhere” ”, “To Happen” Biology: “Everything we have never been” and “Everything we are together”, “We are on the moon”, “Sophie’s wings”, “I and you, the indomitable” Map of Desires attracted more than a million readers.

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