Surprise the world: Princess Leonor was seen in an unusual place

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the Princess Eleanor She is the main character on the cover of the French magazine Point of view, where you can see the young woman smiling, in a black outfit with polka dots, a jacket and a short skirt from the company Carolina Herrera. The photo was taken at the hearings before the Princess of Asturias Gala in October 2022.

Phrases such as: “a year of challenges” and “with controversies in the background” should stand out within the journal. As everyone expected, since Daughter of Queen Letizia He will reach the age of majority on October 31, and he does not want to start his military training. This page has caused more repercussions than expected in an environment Princess Eleanor.

the Princess EleanorCover of a French magazine. (Twitter)

King Juan Carlos’ granddaughter’s birthday comes amid elections being called in Spain and with the Cortes dissolved, so the swearing-in ceremony will have to wait. On the other hand, the medium also brings out the angelic side of Princess Eleanor.

Phrases such as “a year of challenges” and “with disagreements in the background” should stand out within the journal

the Princess Eleanor He is completing his baccalaureate course at UWC Atlantic College and in August he will enter the Zaragoza Military Academy. Despite his denials, Felipe and Letizia’s daughter will have three school years. It will start this year and end in 2026.

the Princess Eleanor He finished his studies this year. (Twitter)

Infanta Sofia follows in his footsteps

Infanta Sofía, the youngest daughter of the King and Queen, will attend her baccalaureate studies at UWC Atlantic College in Wales (UK) like her older sister, Princess Eleanor, as reported by Casa Del Rey for months. The girl underwent and successfully passed the selection process.

Infanta Sofía is following in her footsteps Princess Eleanor. (Twitter)

the Princess Eleanor He joined this “open and critical” educational center in August 2021 to study two courses for the International Baccalaureate and as we said, the period is about to end. As things stand, it is correct to state that, should the Princess of Asturias abdicate for any reason, the Infanta Sofía will take the place of the Head of State.

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