Stranger Things: Kate Bush Breaks Three Records With Netflix Series

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If you have already watched the new season of Weird things Surely you can’t get out of your head the song Max is listening to save himself from Vicna and we’ll tell you that its author, Kate Bush just broke three Guinness World Records Thanks to this Netflix production.

“Running over that hill” It is one of the most famous songs of the eighties and seems to have been reborn thanks to the series.

Kate Bush breaks three records.

Surely you can’t get out of your head the song that Max saves himself from “Vecna” and it looks like you’re not the only one because this appearance is in my folderStranger Things season 4.

Which is that in the first seasons we were able to hear more of this song, but with the premiere of the last three seasons, the song came back until Kate Bush managed to break it. A few Guinness records.

This happened in the United Kingdom where NME published the new achievements of this song that was released in 1985.

Kate Bush and “Running Over That Hill” Just take the record An artist over the age of sixty to reach number one: The longest time for a song to reach number one and the longest gap between number one.

And that is that since the first show it should have been 37 years until”I Ran On This Hill by Kate Bush It can sound very popular on the radio.

Kate Bush is a great artist

This success took 36 years and 310 days to reach number one after its release, which is why Kate Bush was awarded this award she previously owned. Cher who was 52 when “Believe” premiered.

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Don’t stop listening “Running down that hill’ From Kate Bush and Enjoy the Maximum Stranger Things This wonderful song.

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