Steve Jobs commissioned Jony Ive to design an unprecedentedly compact and affordable “iPhone nano”

iPhone 12 mini, heir to Steve Jobs' idea?

iPhone 12 mini, heir About the idea of ​​Steve Jobs?
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the An experiment between Apple and Epic Due to the App Store’s alleged anti-competitive practices, it has become the subject, above all, of internal emails exposed in the process. as discovered the edgeOne of these emails confirmed the existence of an “iPhone nano” rumored to have never seen the light of day.

the An email from Steve Jobs Published October 24, 2010 Summarizes the points that will be discussed at a meeting on Apple’s strategy for 2011. When it comes to the iPhone, one of the points was plans for an “iPhone nano”. Greg Joswiak (marketing) and Bob Mansfield (hardware) explain the target cost for this new device, while Joni Ive (the company’s then head of design) will showcase a mockup or phone renders.

The document doesn’t go into details about the “iPhone nano”, but it confirms its existence and indicates that it will be cheaper than the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, which are 3.5-inch phones, already small by today’s standards.

The iPhone nano has been the subject of rumors for years. However, he was not released. Moreover, Apple no longer uses the “nano” brand, but in 2010 just released the sixth generation of the popular iPod nano, so the name still has some strength in the company’s catalog.

Coincidentally, Apple followed a strategy very similar to that outlined by Steve Jobs in 2010 last year, when it released the iPhone 12 mini, a 5.4-inch phone, for $100 less than the traditional iPhone 12 costs. The most interesting thing is that the strategy did not work. iPhone 12 mini is a version Lowest selling model From the current Apple catalog, and now its product lines are tapped to Make more of iPhone 12 Pro MaxThe largest and most expensive model. The battery is one of the biggest complaints from mini users.

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