Step by step, how to put music in countries


Music in the States, the job that comes to WhatsApp

As shown WABetainfoMessaging Service This new tool arrives to complement the color text, images and videos that have been available for a long time.

will be part of Version Beta for Android And it is not yet active for users. In principle it is assumed that A microphone will appear in the status sectionwhich will enable the option of being able to record audio and then publish it in status format.


That is why, until the arrival of the said modification, there is a way to implement the said functionality. You just have to perform a series of simple steps:

  • Download the Capcut app.
  • In the app, mark where it says “New Project”.
  • Choose the image you want to share on WhatsApp.
  • Click “Format”.
  • Click “16:9”, the image size for WhatsApp statuses.
  • Zoom in on the image to fit the square.
  • Add the song you want to use, by pressing “Audio” and then “Sounds” or “Extract”.
  • Choose and apply and then save to 1080.
  • The picture with the sound is ready to share in the states.


How to add WhatsApp widgets to our home screen

This is nothing more and nothing less than an application or a small program displayed in small files or archives. widgets It aims to provide easy access to frequently used functions and to provide visual information.

Some of them are default, since they come from the same cell phone software. However, others are application dependent.

It should be noted that to use it on mobile devices, the messaging service must be downloaded and installed. With this in mind, you need to follow a series of brief steps.


  • On the home screen, you have to press and hold a widget or an empty area until the applications are moved.
  • Click the buttonAdd” in the top left corner.
  • choose widget Select the size and touch “Add widget.
  • Click OK.


  • In the main screen On a cell phone, perform the pinch gesture, as if the camera zoom was reduced.
  • At the bottom there will be different options, you have to click on the option that says “widgets“.
  • Find referenced widgets The WhatsApp. Depending on the cell phone, up to three types may appear
  • Select one and pressAdd” So that it is added on the screen.

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