Spanish woman deported upon entering UK: 'My dog ​​and my stuff are there'

An anti-Brexit protester in a file photo. (Andy Wren/EFE)

the Boundary laws It has been approved yet Britain's exit from the European Union They continue to cause controversy. British companies have been facing problems for months due to the shortage of European workers, especially since the country's authorities began making demands Work Permit to cross their borders. This measure came into effect three years ago, but there is still a queue. Two weeks ago, a 34-year-old Spanish woman was arrested and deported Luton Airport When he returned from spending Christmas Eve with his family in Malaga. The young woman has placed the case in the hands of her lawyer and does not rule out resorting to… Ministry of Interior.

On December 26, Maria – not her real name – left her hometown to return to Bedfordshire (United kingdom), where she lived and worked with her husband for years. But the return was somewhat turbulent. he Airport staff He asked him about the permit required by the British authorities after Britain’s exit from the European Union. She submitted documents proving her right to reside and work in the country, but security guards told her that she was “…Wasting time“, according to the newspaper guardian.

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“I came home to visit my sister, who had a little girl. Four days later, I was stopped at Luton Airport They took me to the detention room. They took my things and my phone and asked me to wait a while. They left me there all night and Then they put me on a plane“, explains the young woman in statements compiled by the aforementioned newspaper. European citizens not residing in United kingdom They can visit the country for a maximum of six months without having to apply for a visa, according to the new regulations.

Archive photo of Heathrow Airport in London. (Andy Wren/EFE)

The eviction has left Maria dismayed and shows the reality faced by people who are still in the process of solving their problems. Application to remain in the United Kingdom. The young woman had submitted her documents after the deadline – permitted by legislation – for this Obtaining a visa She lived with her husband and in-laws in Bedfordshire. His application was denied due to “lack of evidence,” but he requested an administrative review and obtained a court certificate Ministry of Interior Which prevented her from “working in the UK” until she received a firm response.

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This case is not at all unprecedented, and there are many European citizens who have been locked up Immigration centers They have been deported since Brexit border laws came into force. “I could have told them that I am a tourist, but that is not true and I have nothing to hide. I am waiting for her Appeal decision “I presented this summer and that is why I continue to work,” explained the hero of the event in a conversation with guardian.

“I was supposed to go back to work, but now my life has been turned upside down. My dog, my car, all my stuff is there“The Spanish woman added. In addition to her work, the young woman was training in veterinary nursing. Maria lived in… United kingdom Until 2018, when he left the country to spend time in South Africa. the British authorities They are considering submitting a late application, but must prove that their interruption did not invalidate their rights under the Withdrawal Agreement. Maria sought legal advice and does not rule out placing the case in the hands of the Ministry of Interior: “If you try to go back, it will be worse“.

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