Solve the mystery of the calcined Tesla Model X in an icy lake in the United States

For a few months appearance A charred Tesla Model X in a frozen lake in VermontThe United States made a fair amount of uproar about what happened. A Twitter thread or post on Reddit wondered what happened to an electric car burning in a frozen area due to the cold. Now we know the answer and it deserves a movie.

Theories ranged from an owner who took a field trip and hit a target that hacked into the housing and battery, to insurance fraud. But according to the United States Attorney’s Office for the Vermont District, it was all a costly scam.

The agency filed a complaint against Michael A. Gonzalez. A neighbor from Colchester, Vermont, who according to the attorney general’s account They bought up to six Tesla cars fraudulently to try to sell it.

The way it worked was simple. Mr. Gonzalez went to Tesla stores in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts and Florida, where he made a purchase funded by Pay. $2500 advance Per unit. In total, at a cost $607,000.

then gave An account with insufficient funds, or used dummy accounts, most likely to continue payments into the next month. But these payments did not come. in the process, The protagonist received cars and documents in his name, which allowed him to quickly resell the vehicles to third parties before Tesla realized the fraud.

But in one of the units, he did not receive the documents on time, did not manage to carry out the fraudulent sale. Especially that unit It’s the Model X that appeared calcined On frozen lake Vermont.

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According to the defendant’s account, the fact was that he drove to the place to hunt, when he heard a noise and later a fire broke out. Oddly enough, the attorney general did not initially accuse Gonzalez of burning the car, but the insurance company dismissed the lawsuit by not providing an affidavit.

In light of the facts, The Public Prosecutor began arresting the accused last FridayAwaiting the hearing scheduled for this week. He faces five counts of possession and sale of stolen cars, which may lead to this Up to 10 years in prison.

source | TMC


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