Seven mistakes you can easily make on your computer and put it at risk

These key combinations may be a temporary problem, and will not affect the operation of the device. (picture information)

Shortcuts in Windows are a way to Improve time And do tasks more easily. However, some key combinations may cause problems when using the computer. Although none of them will damage the device or its operation, it is possible that the keyboard, display, or some other settings will be configured.

Many of these problems occur due to executing shortcuts by mistake and when activating their function we do not know how to solve the situation, such as rotating the screen and everything is upside down, something that is not solved with the mouse or restarting the computer, but with the key combination.

Full window

When we work or study and use a web browser, we have the option to expand the window so that… Fill the entire screenHowever, this hides the Tools menu and we have no way to close or minimize the window.

This problem is caused by pressing the F11 key, which will be the same way to solve the situation, because when you press it again the window will return to its normal appearance. If it is not fixed, we will have to execute the command “Alt + F4” to close the window.

Change the language

When you press the 'Win + space bar' command, the computer will change the language we have configured, and this can cause some problems, such as when you press some letters, their function changes because the input method is different and adapts to that language. To solve it we can press the shortcut again or go to Settings > Time & language > Language And choose what we prefer.

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Private keys

Windows It has an accessibility feature for some users, allowing them to perform functions with one key. But for those who don't need it and this option was activated by mistake, what will happen is that when you type they will open the browser or folder or change the brightness. Chaos that is solved by going to Settings > Accessibility > Keyboard And disable the option to use private keys.

These key combinations may be a temporary problem, and will not affect the operation of the device. (information)

Round screen

This problem causes the monitor screen to change orientation, it may be upside down or flipped towards one side. In any of these cases the solution is to press the keys “Ctrl + Alt + arrow to the desired direction.”

The touchpad is broken

It is possible that in the desire to type quickly we accidentally deactivate the laptop panel. This happens because we press the F5 key, which makes this function inactive on most computers. To solve it, we will just have to press the same button again or in some cases hold down the Fn key first and then F5.

These key combinations may be a temporary problem, and will not affect the operation of the device. (Unsplash)

Words are erased

This can be one of the most annoying problems because when you type the letters they are immediately erased, making it impossible to search for a solution on the Internet. So to solve it quickly, we just have to look at the keyboard for the key Additional also Insert

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Zoom in

Finally, it is possible to make the screen appear larger or smaller without us realizing that it is possible because there is a command to do it according to our preferences. The abbreviation is “Ctrl + mouse wheel up or down”. But it is possible that the switch is stuck and from one moment to the next we get a 200% surge and it is inconvenient to work. To solve it we can click “Ctrl + 0” The screen will be restored to its initial size, although we will also have to check if the keyboard has any issue affecting this particular button.

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