Sea of ​​Thieves has stolen my heart with its new adventure based on one of my favorite video games, The Secret of Monkey Island – Sea of ​​Thieves

Rare’s Pirate brings back the legendary Lucasfilm characters and the result is fantastic

More than one person had a heart attack when seeing Asma Rare and Lucasfilm. new game? And what is the saga of the authors of Star Wars? A few seconds later, with one of those tunes that won’t be forgotten no matter how many years have passed, we got an answer. successful Sea of ​​Thieves It will have a special episode based on the legendary Monkey Island Saga It’s all nostalgia. Not a single element that made the series famous is missing from this pirate adventure, with situations that will inevitably make you fondly remember The Adventures of Guybrush Threepwood.

The next free new Sea of ​​Thieves adventure begins July 20th A new story will feature the original sounds of Monkey Island. “Your adventurers will meet Joybrush Threewoodsweetheart EileenEvil ghost pirate to chakWe’ll also have the opportunity to explore two offshore islands inspired by Mêlée Island and Monkey Island to “solve puzzles in a point-and-click style adapted to the first-person show from Sea of ​​Thieves.”

“We wanted you to really want to invest time in the new settings”

Rare is delighted to have the opportunity to work with such a beloved brand as The Secret of Monkey Island. “One of the most exciting aspects is being given the opportunity Tell an original story In one of the worlds we admire,” commented one of the principal directors of Sea of ​​Thieves, who acknowledged that on more than one occasion, with the original game itself, they realized they were heavily influenced by classic Lucas humor.

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Nader says that the new areas that will be included in this adventure will be large and will be full of secrets and places that you will want to visit. “We really wanted you to spend some time there and not only interact with bits and pieces of what you remember from the classic games, but also check out New regions than you imagined when you first played with it,” explains Mike Chapman.

Chance to discover Monkey Island

Authors Complete darkness And many other classics from the Nintendo 64 era know that working with an important license like Monkey Island is no small feat. “We take this opportunity very seriously to give players their first window into this world if they haven’t played it before.” and “I would love nothing more for these guys to try” Lucas’ classics, including his latest episode, “Return to Monkey Island.” “I think it’s critical that when fans go to play the other Monkey Island games in the franchise, they have a sense that what they experienced in Sea of ​​Thieves is authentic,” Rare Creative concludes.

We remind you that this new Sea of ​​Thieves adventure begins on July 20th. In the past, there have been other events related to other famous epics such as Pirates of the Caribbean.

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