SCPL manages chamber burials in Canada

With fully renovated and innovative facilities, Canada Street Wake Up Room again provides service in a relaxing environment to go through mourning for a loved one.

On October 1, 1983, the Solidarity Burial Service was inaugurated and since that year we have Rooms D and E on Canada Street, then Room C, the one about to be made operational, was merged. The primary objective was, and still is, to protect the partner, his cohabiting family group, and his followers in times difficult,” they noted from the co-op.

In this regard, Victor Santana, who is in charge of the Symbiosis Service for Burial and Cremation, mentioned the renovation of one of the burial chambers in Avenida Canada and Clarin, and pointed out that in 2019 the first renovations were carried out, but due to the pandemic it was postponed. “Currently, the entire system of openings and all floor and wall coverings have been changed internally, LED lights have been put in, the reception sector has been redesigned and also the chapel, the bathrooms, all the furniture has been changed and the exterior design has been improved to improve the building’s image,” he explained.

He added, “In addition, there is a project to enable the remaining two chambers, and the idea is to combine them so that there will be more important in terms of capacity for associates.”

In this sense, Santana explained, “Our staff is very observant and very organized, for example, when many services overlap on the same day. But for now, the number of services has been normalized, and we keep the same statistics for 2019, which are 100 per month.

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Likewise, stress the methodology that is taken to say goodbye to loved ones. It is suggested not to extend the service for more than two hours, but if any family requires more time, due to different needs, and schedules allow, we extend the farewell time. Once the service is over, the maintenance sector has to carry out disinfections to leave the rooms in good condition.

Finally, the sector standard predicted that “before, the service was left in the hands of the colleague and today our eyes are set on more supervision of the facilities so that they do not deteriorate, as staff will be appointed to be more close to family for any kind of query or requirement.”

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