Science kicks off on Tuesday at Alhóndiga in Zamora

Bringing scientific and technological knowledge closer to society as a whole is the primary goal of information sessions Flag Tuesday in Alhóndiga which will start on Tuesday of next week and whose program was presented today at City Hall by Culture Counsellor, Mª Eugenia Cabezas, and geology professor and liaison Marta Pérez Fulgado.

This initiative arose already two years ago, just before the outbreak of the epidemic, with the aim of carrying out some activities that would facilitate scientific publishing in general, but the project has been discontinued and is now being resumed. In this way, on the last Tuesday of every month, interesting scientific outreach topics will be discussed with the participation of famous experts in different fields of research. In principle, there will be three conferences, the months of March, April and May, to resume from September with new entries.

According to the Culture Adviser, it is necessary to educate the population on how to conduct scientific research “so that we realize the importance of public investment in science and technology to achieve achievements for the benefit of all. Society.” And also so that we know exactly how science works, “especially in these rare times when weird theories pop up, especially on social networks, that have no scientific basis and call real science into question.”


The program will begin next Tuesday, March 29, with the intervention of Carlos Briones, an expert in astrobiology from CSIC, author of several books, the latest of which is “Are We Alone? In Search of Other Life in the Universe”, who will talk about the search for extraterrestrial life. On April 26, Alvaro Vaillon, a medical biologist and expert in invasive species of plant origin, as well as a contributor to the journal Muy Interesante, will speak about the “silent invasion.” And on May 31, this first stage will be closed by José Manuel López Nicolas, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Murcia, who also has several popular books, the latest of which is “Science of Champions”, which combines science and sports in various sports disciplines and will speak at His conference was specifically about “Rafa Nadal: Science, Technology and the Critical Spirit”.

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They will be at 8:00 PM at Alhóndiga with free entry until full capacity. Each conference will be presented and managed by a qualified person and there will be time for questions after each session so that the audience can also participate in the meeting.

Marta Pérez thanked the Ministry of Culture for its support of this initiative because “scientific and natural knowledge are cultured just like other fields of knowledge that we traditionally call culture, and yet it is somewhat difficult for us to qualify scientific fields as culture. When our welfare society depends primarily on science and technology, It is knowledge that we often do not understand, and the conference coordinator also emphasized that scientific publishing has ostensibly improved in Spain in recent years, giving as an example the health situation “because without science we would not have emerged from the epidemic in which we are still kicking.” Marta Pérez highlighted the training and quality of the participants and said that the program is practically closed to resume activity from the fall.

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