School boards are suing TikTok, Meta, and Snapchat

TORONTO.- JFour of the largest school boards in the Canadian province of Ontario announced Thursday that they have filed lawsuits against TikTok, Meta, and SnapChat, alleging that the social media platforms are impacting student learning.

The lawsuits point out that platforms like Facebook and Instagram were “designed for compulsive use and have reshaped the way children think, act and learn,” and teachers had to manage the consequences.

Meta Platforms Inc. owns Facebook and Instagram; SnapChat is owned by Snap Inc. It is owned by ByteDance Ltd. TikTok.

Dozens of US states, including California and New York, are suing Meta Platforms Inc. Charged with harming young people and contributing to the youth mental health crisis by knowingly and intentionally designing features on Instagram and Facebook that get children addicted to their platforms.

The Canadian school boards that filed the lawsuit are the Toronto District School Board, Peel District School Board, Toronto Catholic District School Board, and Ottawa-Carleton District School Board.

They are demanding compensation for the interruption of students' learning and the education system.

“The defendants acted in an arrogant, reckless, malicious and reprehensible manner without due regard for the well-being of students and the educational system,” a statement from the school boards said.

Snapchat helps its users stay in touch with their friends, said Tonya Johnson, a spokeswoman for Snap Inc..

“Snapchat opens directly to the camera — instead of a content file — and doesn’t get traditional likes or comments from the audience,” he said. “While we will always have more work to do, we are thrilled about the role Snapchat plays in helping close friends feel connected, happy, and prepared as they navigate the many challenges of adolescence.”

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Representatives for Meta and ByteDance did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment.



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