Saw for Science: There will be only 600 scholarships out of 1,300 announced in 2023

700 Scholarships Less for 2024. This is the remaining balance, for now, through the reduction promoted by the President in recent hours, Javier MileyAbout the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (Conisit). This measure is in addition to the 50 layoffs that occurred during the first days of January, when those working in the sector confirmed that this measure represents the tip of the iceberg of a plan aimed exclusively at deepening the defunding of Argentine science in the coming years.

In July 2023, the Board of Directors approved Conisit He announced the call to 1300 Scholarships Ph.D. and 300 Ph.D. However, during the first days of 2024, some doubts began to appear about the number of places that the organization would finally make available to interested parties. On January 17, MDZ It was reported that the calls were postponed after a statement issued by the Board of Directors. This postponement sought to grant the current president of the entity, Dr. Time to reverse the situation. Daniel Salamone, which didn't happen in the end.

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