Sakurai says creating downloadable Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was as hard as creating a new game

Sora was the most complicated of all, as Disney and Square Enix weren’t happy with Nintendo’s ideas.

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What now Sora is now available employment Super Smash Bros. Game UltimateThe long journey of the characters who came little by little to the game via DLC is finally complete. Masahiro SakuraiTitle director, he can now devote his life to other things, but not before revealing how difficult it is to develop the additional eleven fighters.

Of all the characters, Sora was the one who presented the most complications.This news comes from the last column in Famitsu From the director of Smash, Translated by SIliconera. According to Sakurai, it took the team roughly the same amount of time to develop all of the Smash DLC as it took to make a new game from scratch. Somewhat understandable, considering licenses Involved in all these merges.

Among all the characters, Sora It was he who caused the most complications. Both Disney and Square Enix were slow to close the agreement due to differences with Nintendo’s ideas, and refused original design From the protagonist Kingdom Hearts Supplied by Big N Corporation to the two companies.

The admission process was so difficult that Nintendo planned a Fighters Pass 2 five letters Only, the same amount as the first wave of DLCs. Satisfying Disney and Square Enix was more difficult than Sakurai thought, but things got a bit racy thanks to Sora taking first place in the game. smash the ballot, Scan the characters conducted in times Smash Bros. for Wii U.

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What’s next for a Smash manager? Concluding the interview, Sakurai mentioned that he will only work on a few (unspecified) games and leave his future unknown.

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