Ryan Gosling updates his spy tapes jigsaw

Ryan Gosling stopped by while filming Barbie, a movie in which he plays Ken, to meet actresses Ana de Armas, Chris Evans, as well as director brothers Joe and Anthony Russo (who have directed several Marvel films). Introducing The Gray Man, an action movie that shows Gosling running, fighting and facing bad guys.

In the new production, he plays Sierra Six, a CIA agent who discovers a series of secrets within the investigative agency that put his life at risk.

“There was a lot of physical training for the movie and I also had a lot of help from an amazing stunt team.

“From the beginning they helped me get to know the different styles of martial arts and I took advantage of that to adapt them to the personality and taste of the audience.

“We also had Musharraf, a former member of the Army Special Forces, who helped me train and prepare for the character,” he said excitedly.

Gosling said during an international conversation in which he invited Excelsior.

The 41-year-old actor and co-actress also Eva Mendes put himself under the orders of the Russo brothers to screen this action-packed, weaponized as well as espionage project based on Mark Greene’s Gray Man, the 2009 novel.

“The Gray Man is a modern spy story. (Jason) Bourne’s last movie was released six years ago, James Bond has more time and this movie is connected in different ways to the issues we live with today.

“The character is very funny and we find it fits our sense of humor. It’s the kind of movie that we feel resonates well with today’s audiences,” 50-year-old Joe Russo, the youngest of the Russo brothers, explained.

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Throughout the plot of The Gray Man, Agent Sierra Six (Gosling) must protect himself and prevent the people he cares about from getting hurt.

He will be assisted by agent Danny Miranda, the role of which fell to Cuban actress Ana de Armas, who is currently one of the most important and most productive Latina actresses in Hollywood.

In the same talk, Armas, 34, spoke about how her role focuses more on a woman of different depth, empowerment, and skills, rather than showing her as a visual adornment who walks in heels and sexy dresses, as it has in others. production.

“I’ve been there, I’ve done it, I was a woman in heels in the last Bond movie, I look beautiful and I feel like this movie comes to update the panorama, because the attention isn’t on that. I’m not in love with Ryan, which I did too, it’s about the strength that I have out.

“That’s really cool, it’s important to put women that way in action movies and get that vision of them, of strong and impressive women,” said de Armas, who will soon be seen as Marilyn Monroe.

For his part, American actor Chris Evans, who collaborated on several occasions with the Russo brothers because they directed him in various Captain America and Avengers films, now appears as antagonist Lloyd Hansen, a somewhat childish type. .

“Playing bad guys is usually more fun, you have more freedom and you can make the jokes you want. Working with the Russo brothers is incredible, because they give you that sense of confidence and freedom of action. When you trust your boss you are more willing to take risks and a personal service like that,” Chris said. Evans: “Had I not worked with the Russo brothers, I don’t know how rewarding it all was.”

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The Gray Man combines the works of other actors such as Billy Bob Thornton, Reggie Jane Page, Jessica Henwick, Wagner Moura, Danush, Julia Butters and Alfre Woodard.

With a budget of $200 million, The Gray Man will be released this weekend in some US theaters and the following week can be watched worldwide on Netflix.

to see her

gray man.

  • Based on the 2009 novel of the same name.
  • Action, suspense and espionage movie.
  • Premiere in Mexico: July 22.
  • Netflix platform.

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