Russia will protect citizens and businesses from US sanctions – Prensa Latina

Earlier, the Bloomberg News, devoted to the business world, stated that the United States and Britain were considering the possibility of imposing additional sanctions on Russia, attributing it to the use of chemical weapons.

Peskov responded when asked about the matter, according to TASS news agency, “Of course, work is underway in various scenarios to better ensure and protect the interests of our country, our citizens and our companies.”

The press secretary of the Presidency indicated that Moscow carefully records reports about the possibility of imposing new sanctions on Russia, but warned that at the present time it is “nothing more than media reports.”

However, he said that his government is aware that the second part of the sanctions are being announced in Washington, based on “an unfounded accusation that there are chemical weapons on the territory” of Russia.

Peskov stressed that “there cannot be any real data because Russia destroyed all chemical weapons stockpiles long ago.”

He further indicated that all programs that could be related in any way to the production of chemical weapons have been canceled in accordance with Russia’s obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention.

In response to a question about the possibility that Moscow would respond with similar measures against American companies in the face of the alleged new sanctions, Peskov replied that “no one has yet imposed sanctions on Russian businessmen.”

He pointed out that his country hopes that “these crazy motives will remain on the pages of the media and find no ground to give them life in the American government.”

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