Romania and the United Kingdom, the largest colonies of foreigners residing in Andalusia with the right to vote in municipal councils – Spain

A total of 65,668 foreign nationals residing in Andalusia from the European Union (EU) and from countries that have signed agreements with Spain regarding mutual voting in municipal elections – such as Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay and Chile – will be able to exercise the right to vote in municipal elections on Sunday, May 28. , with Romania and the United Kingdom as the original colonies.

According to official data from the Electoral Statistics Office consulted by Europa Press, of the 65,668 foreign voters registered in Andalusia, the majority (17,853) came from Romania, followed by the United Kingdom (10,993), which ranked as the second largest colony with the right to vote in Andalusia. after it was four years ago.

Followed by Italy (6,447), Germany (5,874), France (4,833), the Netherlands (3,094), Belgium (2,515), Sweden (2,123), Portugal (1,916), Poland (1,614) and Bulgaria (1,571). There are also more than a thousand from Ireland (1,446), Denmark (1,176) and Finland (1,098).

With numbers under five thousand, six Ibero-American countries have reciprocal agreements for voting in municipal elections: Colombia (344), Paraguay (284), Ecuador (185), Bolivia (182), Peru (131) and Chile (77).

Voters from Korea, New Zealand, Cape Verde and Iceland

Less than a hundred attended by Norway (98), Latvia (87), Estonia (67), Luxembourg (36), Croatia (32), Slovenia (31), Malta (19) and Cyprus (9). Korea (8), New Zealand (6), Cape Verde (4), Iceland (3) and Trinidad and Tobago (1).

By province, the largest attendance of resident foreigners with the right to vote was recorded on Sunday, May 28, in Malaga, with 26,750, followed by Almería, with 12,844; Huelva with 6,879; Grenada: 6,636; Seville, with 4,183; Cádiz, with 3,891; Cordoba: 3629; and Jian with 856.

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