Rolling mill lab with combi, they bring science to the mountains

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Specialists such as Julieta Fierro, Mexican astronomer and popularizer, assert that “science is everywhere.” And experimentation is key to getting people interested in it, like Cristóbal Miguel García, of UNAM’s Faculty of Science, who noticed the lack of this kind of practice in San Miguel Tutulapan, Guerrero, and decided to take science into the mountains.

After leaving his community 10 years ago, with the sole aim of becoming a scientist, he came home with an idea: to convert a boat into a mobile workshop, which, after a few days of taking measures due to the pandemic, Tierra Caliente residents several examples of home science, such as making an anti-gel for bacteria using aloe vera.

“At the moment we can’t go out because we are scientists and we have to lead by example and respect healthy distance metrics,” he explained, emphasizing that although his work in the mountains is on hold, there are new plans coming for the science track going from Taxco to Iguala.

The blue Kombinationsfahrzeug 1992 is in charge of transporting supplies which so far consist of some tubes, Gerber cups and teaching tools, but the goal is to have professional test tubes, as well as a solar refrigerator for antidote against scorpion stings, well, there are communities without light.

The idea of ​​combining science arose as part of Cristóbal’s thesis. However, its embodiment came as a result of the sum of wills, government support, foundations and donations from family and friends who accompany him in the workshops.

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During the pandemic pause, they are creating videos on social networks explaining what COVID-19 and other quarantine experiences are like. In the meantime, Cristobal has enrolled for his postgraduate degree at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland, but assures that despite its remoteness, Combi, which is already a civic association, will continue.


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