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Republican congressman explains the planned challenge to the Electoral College results

A 133-year-old law could be used aimed at fixing problems raised by a disputed presidential election preceding the handover 2020 presidential vote to me Donald TrumpRep. Mo Brooks, R from La. , claimed “the story” Friday.

Brooks told alternate host Tres Gallagher that the Electoral Counting Act of 1887 could be used to challenge the individual state’s voter list, and with sufficient support in both houses, those voters were excluded.

The law was enacted in the aftermath of the disputed 1876 elections, with issues determining the winner in Florida, South Carolina and Louisiana – plus a separate problem in Oregon – striking the national census hits.

Eventually, Ohio Republican Rutherford B. Hayes will replace New York’s Democratic Representative Samuel J. Tilden, but not before a compromise is reached in which Republicans agree to formally end Reconstruction by withdrawing federal forces from the southern states.

Trump thanks the President of Alabama for pledging to challenge the electoral college votes

If Brooks and any supporters in Congress were able to disqualify the voters list from enough of the contested states, then President-elect Joe Biden would drop the fewer than 270 electors needed to win the presidency. In this case, each state legislature is mandated under Article 2 of the United States Constitution “in the manner in which the legislature may direct” a number of seats “from the electorate, equal to the total number of state senators and representatives. In Congress.”

Republicans own the majority of state legislatures, so they could theoretically award Donald Trump a second term. Fox News host Mark Levine first referred to this ruling In a tweet, Twitter later described it as “disputed.”

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“There is no doubt that it is an uphill climb because I’m not sure how many of our Republicans are willing to do what’s necessary to protect the sanctity of our electoral system,” Brooks said on Friday. “That’s what’s at stake here.”

Brooks criticized Democrats as corruption, claiming that the party and its apparatus “had succeeded in carrying out one of the greatest election thefts in history.”

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“I have looked at the conditions and I firmly believe that this election was stolen by the Social Democrats,” he said. “I think we have to fight and that a congressman from Alabama is going to fight.

“We can’t allow the kind of massive electoral plagiarism that we’ve seen in all areas. I’m going to fight. Will others join me? I’m sure I hope so.”

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