Ranking of the safest cities in the world

Ranking of the safest cities in the world in 2021. Issued from an index prepared by the magazine The Economist, according to the criteria of 76 indicators that include digitalization, health and personal safety, environmental safety and infrastructure. Let’s find out then which are the safest cities in the world to actually expect Shown are two of the most famous Spanish cities.

Ranking of the safest cities in the world in 2021

The The safest city in the world, according to The Economist, is Copenhagen . This was revealed in the Safe Cities Index 2021, the English business magazine’s biennial ranking that depicts a changing world. The concept of “safe city” since the beginning covid-19 pandemic, is no longer what it used to be: Health and digitalization weigh more than in the past. Three European cities (two Spanish), three Asian, three Oceania and one Canadian: here are the safest cities to live

Crescent 76 indicators which The Economist has arranged, Compare 60 cities in the world. The criteria considered the most important, in 2021, are Infrastructure, personal safety, environment, health and the digital sphere. In general, the cities of Asia Pacific are the ones that get the best results, while the worst are in the Middle East.

This is the The result of the ranking with the ten safest cities:

  1. Copenhagen: 1st place for the capital of Denmark 82.4 points out of 100 maximum. The sector in which Copenhagen stands out the most is infrastructure (89), followed by personal safety (86.4) and environmental (84.5).
  2. Toronto: With a score of 82.2 points, Toronto, Canada, ranked second, especially thanks to Environmental Policies (90.3) and Infrastructure System (88.6)
  3. SingaporeThe first Asian city in the ranking is Singapore, with a score of 80.7. The infrastructure sector is the most developed in the capital (92.1 points)
  4. Sydney: With a total of 80.2 points, Sydney ranked fourth. The Australian city is also particularly distinguished by its infrastructure (84.5).
  5. Such as: The capital of Japan moved from first place in 2019 to fifth in 2021, with a score of 80, driven by infrastructure and health system, both with a score of 87.7.
  6. Amsterdam: The second safest European city in 2021, with a score of 79.3 points, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Again, it is the infrastructures that decide its success (83.5).
  7. Wellington: With a score of 91.7 in environmental safety and 79 in the overall standings, it ranks seventh in Wellington, New Zealand.
  8. Hong Kong8: Hong Kong ranks 78.6 basis points for infrastructure (93.4) ​​and health (84).
  9. Melbourne: ninth place – with 78.6 points – for Melbourne, the second Australian city in the top ten, which is characterized by infrastructure (84) and health (81.9).
  10. StockholmSweden is in tenth place with 78 points.
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Barcelona and Madrid are 11th and 21st, respectively

The ranking also includes a city Barcelona, ​​which appears in eleventh place with 77.8 points While Madrid appears in 21st place with 74.7 points, two places ahead of Paris (74.3) and five places over Brussels (73.6).

after Barcelona We also have New York (77.8 points), Frankfurt (77.7 points), Washington (77.4 points), and London (77.2 points) plus San Francisco (77.2 points), Osaka (76.7 points), Angels (76.5 points), Zurich (76.3 points) and Chicago (75 points).

And for the first city outside Europe, North America or Asia Pacific in our ranking Abu Dhabi In the United Arab Emirates, in 31st place with 66.9 points. NS South America, the best result is a city Santiago de Chile is ranked 33 thanks degree 65.3 points.

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