Professor Julio Escudero’s rule celebrates 26 years of support for polar science

HOn February 5, 1995, the scientific base of the Chilean Antarctic Institute (INACH) “Professor Julio Escudero” was inaugurated on the island of Ray Jorge (Bay of Fields), named in memory of the prominent Chilean jurist who drafted the decree establishing the boundaries of the Chilean Antarctic Territory and who had, Additionally, he is a prominent participant in drafting the Antarctic Treaty.

Twenty-six years have passed since the opening of the main Chilean scientific station on the White Continent, whose first phase of construction had the support of the Magallanes government. Hundreds of women and men devoted to Antarctic science, logistics, communications, and politics have passed through it and served as a platform to inform the world of the importance of science and Antarctica to our country and humanity.

In those years, Escudero only offered to hold 8 people, and it had 3 laboratories that supported the 13 science projects that were at that time the National Antarctic Science Program. Today, after twenty-six years, the main Chilean scientific base in Antarctica has an area of ​​1,533 square meters and holds 54 people, as well as multidisciplinary laboratories and fish tanks.

Dr Marcelo Libby Cartes, Director of INACH, noted, “The Escudero Base is one of the most important scientific sites for our country and the most relevant Chilean scientific base on the White Continent. It has been difficult times for all of us, but we have not declined when it comes to implementing first-class science in This historical scientific site is already 26 years old. “

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Dr. Libby Carts pointed out that the great turnout from the scientific community and the passage of years has led to the deterioration of its facilities, so work is already underway, in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Works, on the three new Chilean scientific bases, among which are Escudero.

This anniversary coincides with the entry of the last group of researchers, in what will be the last stage of a short scientific expedition in Antarctica that is limited to the basics through the context of the epidemic facing the country.

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