Professional medicine: attention, speed and precision

Interview with Dr. Ivan Kamizaska. Grupo Oroño Occupational Medicine Coordinator

-In the dynamic field of occupational medicine, your experience is valuable. How do you describe the importance of this specialty in the business environment?

In fact, the Occupational medicine necessary. We focus on worker health and their integration into the work environment, covering everything from prevention to treatment of work-related illnesses and injuries. In private medicine, due importance has not often been given to this type of patient, who, in addition to suffering from diseases like any citizen of any field, presents risk factors specific to their work. It is crucial for both employee and employer to get to the problem before it occurs; Prevention is the rise of professional medicine. For this reason, Go Laboral is an ambitious project in which we will put all the experience, technology and quality of care that Grupo Oroño offers into Occupational medicinetoThis is unprecedented in the city.

-Can you explain how important accurate responses from medical professionals are?

Getting accurate answers is crucial. Not only for the individual care of the worker, but also for the prevention of occupational diseases and the improvement of the working environment and, as a result, the productivity of companies. The key is personal attention and accuracy of diagnosis. Time is a key factor, so, in addition to accuracy, responses must be quick. It should be noted that Occupational medicine It involves not only professional doctors, but also a multidisciplinary team that includes several specialties with a special focus on the needs of the sector.

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Conditions vary in different productive sectors. How are occupational health and medicine providers adapting to these needs?

Adaptability is key. Exposure to risks, especially in industrial sectors, rural or remote areas, requires an agile system, advanced diagnostic technology and professionalism of medical personnel. An effective response is vital for both the worker and the company.

He pointed to the challenges facing professional medical assistance, especially in rural or remote areas. How does the service provider handle this?

The strategy is to distribute points of care and implement advanced internal medical systems. We have those services as an added value, which as I mentioned before does not apply to occupational medicine. We understand that care must reach the patient by any means necessary; Service accessibility is a priority, both for workers who need the service and for companies that often invest numerous resources into accessing the service.

-How is occupational medicine integrated into the circle that includes the patient and the company that represents him?

We realize that we are part of a complex circle, from the patient's medical order to the company's inner circle. We seek to provide excellent care for teams and, at the same time, provide effective responses that allow flexible operations and safe re-integration. Effective communication in any field of medicine is key, so we take every precaution to achieve this. The quality of care, accessibility of centers and availability of information by companies must be immediate. For this reason, we have developed a self-management portal where companies can follow the progress of caring for their collaborators in real time. Accurate and accurate information is what makes the difference.

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-Is there a final message you would like to highlight?

the Occupational medicine It is not only a commitment to worker health, but also a key tool for business success. Personal attention and adaptability are essential to meet the changing challenges of today's business environment. We are committed to contributing to this comprehensive approach to occupational health, giving leading value to prevention, diagnosis and precise treatment, prioritizing accessibility, speed of response and availability of information. The most important thing, from my perspective in this project, is providing the quality of care that the community knows Oronio Group for this sector of medicine.

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