Pique praised his defense speech for Amancio Ortega at El Hormiguero

After unexpected cancellation at the last minute, Gerrard Pique Has finally sat on a set Hormigeroo To talk about football, but also other topics such as entrepreneurship. Yes, as you read: Footballer F.C.B Launch extended thinking about the path to follow when starting a new businessAnd how hard it is to get started sometimes.

Try it for the brave. The attempt is the hardest ever. From there, things can go well for you, and they can go wrong, many times it’s luck, other times it’s good management or having good ideas. But the hard thing is to have the courage to give it a try, and that is very valuable in the United StatesHe started explaining Gerrard Pique After answering a question Pablo Motos.

In the US, even if you fail 5 times, people try again and appreciate it. Here’s the opposite, here they are waiting for something that fails to hit you‘, says Azulgrana, after explaining that it is very difficult in Spain, or at least, to do much more than in the country with which he is comparing us.

It is also considered that it may be part of envy, “That people hope someone will do badly for…“The fact is that Pablo Motos with Effects In everything he says, using the example of a phrase uttered at that great time Antonio Banderas.

And the footballer immediately followed his speech: “Here it links if you do very well it is because you have a lot of success and money and having money is frowned upon. And this happens: Amancio Ortega, whom I don’t know and don’t know if he is a good or bad person, is an example person as an entrepreneur. Well, you start looking for taxes, if I don’t know what, instead of what’s good and all that he contributes to the countryAnd beware, he even insisted that if he supports people like the creator of Inditex, they associate him with a right-wing message…Is the athlete right?

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