Officers from Australia, Canada and New Zealand travel aboard the Chilean naval ship Janico to Antarctica

Fleet tug ATF-65 Janico Subordinate Chilean Navy He sailed on February 7 from the dock Captain William In Punta Arenas to implement a new Antarctic Commission which this time includes exchange officers from the Australian, Canadian and New Zealand navies.

The foreign officers were received in the capital of the Magallanes region and the Chilean Antarctic region at the end of January by the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. Third Marine RegionRear Admiral Jorge CastilloWho welcomed them on this occasion that enhances international cooperation between friendly institutions.

According to the Chilean Navy, the ship arrived in Punta Arenas from its base port in Talcahuano a few days ago to make the necessary logistical preparations that included the supply of basic materials to support operations at national bases, as well as supporting the work of the armed forces. the Chilean Antarctic Institute Providing assistance to friendly countries.

leader ATF-65 JanicoLeader Christian Cerrone MartinezHe stressed the importance of the presence of foreign officers because it allows for the exchange of knowledge about operations in Antarctica, especially regarding navigation in polar waters.

Australian Lieutenant Benjamin Barber He said: “I am very excited about this crossing to the Chilean Antarctic region, because it is my first time. Everyone on board has been very welcoming and I am learning a lot, as well as improving my Spanish. I hope this navigation will be successful. Be dynamic and I will be able to watch Various operations. “I am interested in exploring this area at some point with the Navy SEALs and taking important lessons with me for the future.”

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Female employees

Frigate Captain Christian Cerrone also highlighted it as a milestone in the new Antarctic Commission ATF-65 Janico Participation for the first time by two officers and two sailors on board the ship.

“It is the first time that we have women on board the Janico. They are young, recently graduated from their schools, but they also have experience in other units. They all participated in the ship's activities and showed great enthusiasm for navigation and what we will do in the Antarctic region,” he noted.

In addition to his duties in Antarctica ATF-65 Janico It will carry out marine signal maintenance work in the canals of the Magallanes region. These actions confirm the Corporation's commitment to protecting maritime activities and preserving Chilean sovereignty in this area of ​​vital strategic importance.

ATF-65 Janico

he ATF-65 Janico It is a ship built by an Indian shipyard Larsen and Toubro Shipyard It was acquired by the Chilean Navy in 2020. Its integration has made it possible to enhance the salvage and salvage capacity, of both civilian and military vessels, protect human life at sea, preserve the environment and natural resources, and provide logistical support. Where required and able to carry out a submarine rescue and salvage operation.

Unity is the organization's seventh ship to receive the name Janico. She is 70 meters long, 19 meters wide and has a maximum draft of 6.2 metres. It displaces 2500 tons and has a constant or Pollard pulled 150 tons. It can carry 38 crew members and 22 passengers.

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The vessel is equipped with an advanced diesel-hybrid propulsion system and has a dynamic positioning system DP2 It can fight fires, respond to emergencies, carry out rescue procedures, replenish supplies at sea, recover oil spilled at sea and other tasks.

It has two main engines man 2290 kilowatts, and two hybrid engines with a capacity of 1600 kilowatts Siemens Its maximum speed reaches 13.5 knots. It contains four generators with a capacity of 1690 kilowatts MTU In addition to two 850 kW bow motors, two 500 kW motors and controllable propellers (CPP) to Wärtsilä.

Deck machines have a cascade type pull winch Rolls-Royce With a nominal pull of 350 tons, two sets of pull pins S.W.L. Karmoy 225 tons two sets of SWL Karmoy jaws Shark jaws 450-tonne stern reel, 2.5 x 7m Rolls-Royce anchor handling reel, two 15-tonne Rolls-Royce SWL cranes and a 5-tonne deck crane surmik.

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