North Carolina loses out at Clemson, 74-70

Maybe this is a basketball game North Carolina State He should have won. Clemson was the strongest opponent Buck has faced up to this point, and losing on the way to such a team is not something to look away. A good team won a close match at home as it should, but it leaves you with a stinging taste in your mouth knowing that this was available to take, and North Carolina simply passed.

The package was electric in the first half. He had a good goalkeeping play, he hit all three well, leading 39-32 in the first half. Clemson was decidedly the team most involved in the second half, but the firmness, largely in the free throw line, was able to weather that storm and hang on to a number one lead until the last minute, when he melted. On his last offensive possessions with a chance to banish the match.

In third place DJ Funderburk took a contested mid-range shot, and the ensuing sequence resulted in the Clemson keeper and B-list Marvel Universe character pegging the game with 62 triples. Upon the ensuing possession, Devon Daniels threw a terrible pass to the wrong team.

Daniels was good for most of the match, and Vanderbork was also great in the second half. This game definitely doesn’t fall for them just for these two bad sequences, but overall, the country needed to be more together to lock this game down. It played loosely and confidently most of the night, but it passed when it was time to crunch.

Thanks to Shaquille Moore locking the isolation game at the bell, the pack managed to enforce the extra time, but a ridiculous bounce on Clemson’s hook shot with 10 seconds remaining locked the game up. This shot wasn’t even close, bouncing like three feet over the edge, and then falling right through it. If you don’t deserve to win, the universe will tell you I suppose.

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There is nothing to worry about here. The state is very good. This is definitely the NCAA Championship team. Clemson is so good, and the state, still a man’s bottom, outguns tigers in their home grounds for much of the night. Littlejohn is a place where NC State is notorious for not quite showing up at all, but it was the top team in a lot of the game, but not enough of it. So it goes.

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