No Man’s Sky expands free with space pirates in Outlaws, and it’s not the only novelty

The space video game is reaching its 19th update without showing any symptoms of hitting the brakes.

It hasn’t been two months since the movie premiered WatchmanBut the team hello games He continues to work in full force to present his players No Man’s Sky New content in which you invest dozens of hours in the title of space exploration. In this sense, it was introduced and launched today outlawsa video game update focused on introducing outlawsalthough it contains more news.

In Outlaws, bandits and pirates have taken over space stations across the universe, using them as a command center for their misdeeds, which can range from smuggling operations To attack the planets and neighboring settlements. Players have two options: join them to help them with their activities, or fight them by taking advantage of No Man’s Sky’s overhauled combat system.

“Fortunately, you are not alone in this battle,” Sean Murray adds. With Outlaws players can now Assemble your own squadron of pilots It is controlled by artificial intelligence, which will move and join the skirmishes as needed. Each partner has their own capabilities, and they can be improved over time. Likewise, a fleet management tool was introduced in the capital ship.

Anything else to add? Yes exactly. For the first time in two years, a new class of ships has been added to the space exploration video game: solar vehicle. It’s a solar ship that can be found all over the universe, but primarily in systems controlled by outlaws. These and other inclusions not included in the news can be viewed in detail at No Man’s Sky Blog.

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Now the question is, what next? Let’s remember that Hello Games has an important date this summer with the launch of No Man’s Sky on Nintendo SwitchThe Japanese system joins the rest of the consoles where the space exploration title has been available for several years.

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