Nintendo Switch surpasses 132 million consoles sold

Nintendo updates sales data for its current generation console, making it the third best-selling console in history and closing the gap.

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most successful consoles in history, not only because of the number of units sold during these six and a half years of its existence, but also because of its extensive catalog thanks to games like Super Mario Bros. Wonder or The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. With this, the console continues to take steps forward to become The best-selling console of all timeThis is something that the distance for him is increasingly diminishing, especially after… Latest data that was displayed.

thus, Nintendo Switch has already surpassed 132 million units sold worldwideThis is according to numbers recently revealed by the Japanese company. This was known thanks to the fact that Big N disclosed software and hardware sales data related to The last fiscal year that began on April 1, 2023. To be more specific, A total of 132.46 million were sold From Nintendo Switch consoles until September 30, 2023, establishing itself as The third best-selling gaming console in history Significantly reduced distance with DS and PS2.

  • PS2 – 155 million units sold
  • Nintendo DS – 154.02 million units sold
  • Nintendo Switch – 132.46 million units sold

The Nintendo Switch sold nearly 7 million consoles last semester

Serving everyone Segmented data By the Kyoto-based Nintendo Switch company It managed to sell a total of 6.85 million consoles in the last semester. All this taking into account that the Japanese brand is already preparing for a Christmas campaign, which could make these numbers grow very significantly, especially with… Nintendo Switch OLED models Recently introduced, as with the corresponding game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The data in the forms is what you can see below:

  • Nintendo Switch OLED – 4,690,000 consoles
  • Nintendo Switch model 2019 – 1,250,000 controllers
  • Nintendo Switch Lite – 900,000 controllers
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The Nintendo Switch’s sales rate is really promising, so we’ll have to see How the year ends and 2024 beginswhich should be the last before its successor, Nintendo Switch 2, arrives.

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