Nino Becerra and his own vision for the global economy: “This makes no sense”

orOne of the great debates in the economic field in recent decades is Whether Europe will ever be able to match the potential of the United States. Since the world's interwar period, the North American nation has assumed leadership that lasts almost a century later.

he Financial Timesthrough journalists Martin Arnold, Sam Fleming and Claire Jones, wrote an article explaining this The main European authorities are looking for formulas to strengthen the continental economy to compete with the American economy.

On this issue, Santiago Nino BecerraThrough social media, he expressed his point of view. The economist pointed out that “the global economy has reached a point where…o It makes no sense to make comparisons between the United States economy and the economy of any other region or country“.

This is an analysis that the expert distinguished in several points. The first thing he mentioned was that “the rest of the world The United States is allowed to have deficits and debt It wants the North American country to do what suits it with its dollar.

Nino Becerra: “The United States has a series of permissible economic advantages”

On the other hand, Nino Becerra confirmed this The United States “applies tariffs and subsidies to attract investment as it sees fit.”; On the other hand, things have evolved so that energy has become much more expensive for its competitors in the European Union.”

“Making matters worse, while The United States is one country, and the European Union is a mosaic of countries that disagree on countless points. The United States enjoys a series of economic advantages that the rest of the world has granted and permitted. So, Why compare?“The economist added.

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