New Apple Store in Madrid? May be announced soon

There is a strong rumor about the opening of a new Apple Store in Madrid

Attention all Madrid residents. Apple will plan to open a new Apple Store in this part of the world. Nibble apple products will have a new home in Spain.

This information comes from Strong rumors Created because Apple is looking for Genius employees, marketing, creatives, and more. This was seen on the company’s talent search site,

On November 18th Apple has posted 44 jobs to work in Spain, some of which are associated with the Apple Store. Offers to work with Apple are available for 5 stores in Madrid, however, so far there are only 4 Apple Stores in that area.

These rumors grow with anonymous information reaching the team apple They are given the task of investigating a little more and they believe in the possibility of the Fifth Store One of Apple’s great ads. The question is whether it can be announced before the end of 2022.

Currently, there are already 11 Apple Stores deployed in Spain List of official addresses. This new opening will increase that number by one more and make this country Of great importance In terms of brand popularity among technology users.

For now, that’s all the information we have on the subject. Maybe in a few days some business moves They can reveal more details that ensure the opening of this new Apple Store in Madrid.

Jobs at Apple

Apple is looking for employees in Spain for a potential new Apple Store

Apple Stores around the world could receive a new store in their listing. until, It is possible that Apple may have something in place So that users, customers and brand fans can enjoy this event with a very exciting event.

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newly, A new Apple Store has just opened in Japan and it’s really amazing. We hope that if another branch opens in Madrid it will be just as beautiful, Respect for architecture And it shows a design worthy of Apple.

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