Netflix: These productions will no longer be available on the platform, including “Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour”

The vast majority of the films mentioned in this note will be taken out of circulation on December 31.

Like all the years, Netflix It provides a list of movies that will be available for months and perhaps years. However, within his proposal there are also titles that will no longer be available and will soon be out of circulation.

In this list Netflix Documentaries, horror films, and episodic Korean dramas will be excluded. Some of them will go out of circulation before The new year Or on the same day. It must be taken into account that these trips will be exclusive, mainly, to the northern region, that is, to countries such as the United States, Mexico, and others.

What movies or documentaries will be off Netflix starting in 2024?

Saving Private Ryan – Last day to watch is December 31st

The blockbuster starring Tom Hanks says goodbye to the platform until further notice. It tells the story of a group of soldiers who enter enemy territory to rescue a paratrooper who has lost three brothers in combat.

Guest – Last day to see December 29th

It is defined as a South Korean feature film starring actors Song Kang Ho, Park Hae Il, and Byun Hee Bong. It so happens that a man in Seoul begins a tireless search when his granddaughter disappears at the hands of the mutant creature that lives in the river.

Taylor Swift Stadium Tour – Last day to see December 30th

Fans of this singer are sad that this documentary, which was much talked about at the time, will be withdrawn from the network. As I remembered Swift He takes the stage in Dallas as part of his acclaimed stadium tour.

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Ad Astra – last day to watch December 31

The film focuses on the journey of an astronaut to Mars, played by Brad Pitt. It becomes a complicated mission to find his father and search for answers in space.

Jumanji: The Next Level – last day to watch December 31

When Spencer disappears, Martha, Bethany, and Fridge must return to Jumanji to find him…but something will go wrong on this journey.

Other titles

  • Running Man – last day to watch December 31
  • The Raid 2 – last day to watch December 31
  • Sanju – Last day to see December 31st
  • Al Naeem – Last day of the offer is December 31
  • DreamWorks How to Bring Your Dragon Legends – last day to watch December 31st
  • Miraculous: The Adventures of Ladybug – last day to watch December 31
  • My House in New York – Last day to see December 31st
  • Dragons: The Origin of Dragon Racing – last day to watch December 31
  • Ogrorossa's partner's birthday – last day to see December 31st
  • Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Barbarians – last day to watch December 31

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