Netflix saved a series for 2019 and everyone is watching it

Netflix has added another HBO series and it's a hit in the top 10: Chinatown Warrior. It's the production Bruce Lee originally wanted to make; It premiered in 2019 and is set in the late 1870s in San Francisco, California. Why is it so shocking? Chinatown Warrior?

Ah Sahm, a martial arts expert, arrives from China to search for his sister, who has been kidnapped and sold to one of Chinatown's leading organized crime families (San Francisco's Chinatown).

As the synopsis says: “A martial arts expert arrives in 19th-century San Francisco from China and joins a powerful crime family, with whom he will face off against rival gangs in Chinatown.”

A martial arts expert arrives in San Francisco in the 19th century from China.

Originally titled warriorThis series consists of three seasons, each consisting of 10 episodes, and before arriving on Netflix, it was released on HBO thanks to the efforts of Shannon Lee, one of Bruce Lee's daughters, who is one of the producers.

Keys to “Chinatown Warrior,” the martial arts series everyone is watching

Conspiracy Chinatown Warrior — from HBO, but re-released on Netflix — focuses on the Tung Wars, a difficult period in San Francisco's history: an accurate account of the power struggles within the Chinese community in North America. And this battle of the bands never stops showing up on Netflix.

according to Chinatown Warrior In its three seasons, the series explores the concepts popularized by Bruce Lee, and the novel has been ranked among the most popular series today, through which they explore everything related to Kung Fu.

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The protagonist's sister is sold to one of Chinatown's organized crime families.

The protagonist's sister is sold to one of Chinatown's organized crime families.

The production also features Jonathan Tropper as showrunner (known for his work on… Banshee). So, Chinatown Warrior Not only is it a story of relentless quest and combat, it is an emotional journey that explores themes such as family, honor, and combating adversity.

That's why it continues to draw viewers into the top 10 movies on Netflix: thanks to the level of action, the psychological profile of the characters, and the reflection of Chinese immigrant culture in the United States.

The cast of “Chinatown Warrior”

  • Andrew Caughey
  • Olivia Cheng
  • Jason Tobin
  • Diane Doan
  • Kiran Bio
  • Tom Weston Jones
"Chinatown Warrior" It works on concepts thought up by Bruce Lee.

“Chinatown Warrior” works on concepts thought up by Bruce Lee.

Trailer for the movie “Chinatown Warrior”

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