Netflix keeps gaining subscribers despite password sharing restrictions

The result few could have imagined is the one Netflix got after they got rid of the ability to share a password. And it is that the experiment that started in Chile, little by little has been escalating to more regions.

Today in the past Financial report For the company, it can be seen that far from reducing the number of subscribers, Netflix has more than before. The streaming platform started with “Exchange Payments, as it was officially called, in the US a few months ago, It has already gained 5.8 million new paying subscribers.

The report also shows that calls to cancel service had no effect. Additionally, Netflix has confirmed that it plans to take on this new model in “nearly all of the countries we’ve left.”

Let’s remember that yesterday, Netflix started removing the basic ad-free plan in countries like the US and the UK. This, along with the new campaign to put their new cheap plan with ads seems to be paying off.

Then it seems that Netflix is ​​making the right decisions, because instead of seeing a negative reaction, we see the exact opposite with subscribers after password sharing is removed.

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