NBA star Ben Wallace designs his own cannabis brand along with Rair

✍ 20 Oct 2021-13: 59

Legendary player in Detroit Pistons and a member of the NBA Hall of Fame, Ben Wallace Partnered with a cannabis brand in Michigan Rayer. Wallace Wareer, headquartered in Jackson, has signed an exclusive license agreement under which Wallace will develop his own brand of cannabis products, including his own strain.

Products are expected to be launched in early 2022. These products include cannabis flowers, pre-construction, and e-cigarette cartridges. But more products will be announced in the future.

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As a former professional athlete, I have different pain and tension than before. Cannabis has helped me with it all safelyWallace said. “After working with the Rair team over the past few months, I know this is going to be a great partnership. They are serious about increasing product quality and ending the stigma surrounding cannabis use; and we are going to bring a brand that shows the courage and toughness that my team and I have always brought to court in Detroit.”

On the other hand, Rair’s Ben Wallace branding will be revealed in the coming weeks, along with the logo and packaging design. Both will be developed by advertising agency Rair, atomic honey en Detroit.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with NBA legend Ben Wallace and are excited to build a brand with him,” he said. Kevin McFadden, CEO of Rair. “Ben’s work ethic, drive and dedication to excellence align with Rair’s promise to provide best-in-class cannabis products to Michigan patients and recreational customers.”

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About Raer

The cannabis company Rair launched in Jackson, Michigan in 2019. The company uses the latest aerodynamic technology and agricultural automation to bridge the gap between the commercial cannabis flower and small batches. In addition, the company’s process reduces the possibility of contamination and allows for the recipe to be modified in real time.

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Additionally, Rair offers a variety of cannabis products, including flowers, pre-made joints, foods, vaping cartridges, and concentrates. All of these products are available online and at four locations across Michigan.

via BenzingaTranslated by El Planteo.

Photography by Keith Allison, CC BY-SA 2.0.1 Update, via Wikimedia Commons // Edited in Canva

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