National University of San Juan

Incorporates the National University of San Juan Research, Development and Innovation Center for Comprehensive Water Management in Arid Areas (CeGIAA)known as Water centerIt is an inter-institutional center that includes the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA), the National Water Institute (INA), the National Commission for Space Activities (CONAE), the Government of the Province of San Juan and the Ministry of Agriculture. Science and technology of the nation.

This research center with unique characteristics in Argentina is the first center dedicated to the exploration of existing waters in the country, and is expected to become a regional center. Its laboratories will operate at INTA's headquarters located in Busseto.

It originally received funding from the Ministry of Science and Technology, and with the first tranche the spaces will be prepared for operation. With the second and third installments, all equipment necessary for the investigations will be purchased. However, the center has begun its activities, and researchers from the four institutions, along with officials from the prefectural government, are working on the water crisis, conducting studies and surveys.

The Research, Development and Innovation Center for Comprehensive Water Management in Arid Areas (CeGIAA) brings together researchers and educators from various disciplines: hydrology (geology, geophysics, geography, engineering); Agricultural sciences (agronomy, ecophysiology, biotechnology, biology), humanities and social sciences (management, economics, sociology) and complementary disciplines (computer, satellite, statistical systems); With the aim of adding scientific and technological capabilities to meet the region’s requirements, problems and production opportunities.

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