MyPillow’s Lyndl casts a tantrum as stores drop his products: Video

MyPillow CEO and main supporter of Trump, Mike Lindell, has once again found himself on the receiving end of some serious public scrutiny. Just days after he was photographed in the White House, he carried encouraging documents Martial lawLindel was Avalanche During an interview.

Brian Glenn, the character of the right-wing broadcast network, hosted Lyndell on his show to discuss the end of the Trump presidency – or, more from their point of view, how to avoid ending Trump’s presidency.

Lindell discovered retailers were dropping MyPillow products in response to his support of the Capitol riots just moments before the show, which made him alarmed.

It just leaked on air.

Things started with Mike Lindell who called the control group Sleeping giants “The most evil people on the planet.” The group encouraged advertisers to stop advertising on far-right programs.

He then went on to claim that the group had been hired to attack several companies, including his own.

At first he regretted the loss Bed bath behind As a seller.

“I just turned off the phone with Bed Bath & Beyond, they dropped MyPillow. I just got off the phone not five minutes ago. Kohl’s, all these different places.”

“They are scared like Bed Bath & Beyond, they are scared. We were good partners, in fact I told them, ‘You guys come back anytime you want.” ”

“But it is not their fault that they are afraid, because they do not realize that these are fake people.”

His appeal to business owners is further downgraded to the Dominion Voting Machine conspiracy theory.

“If you’re a business owner out there, don’t believe in those little bots and trolls. This is the evil left. This is evil, insanity, deep state abandonment or whatever.”

“This is not a political thing for a Democrat, Republican. This is – part of the thing that attacks our country. This is basically the next communism. They have hired the best to attack us.”

And I have friends of mine, they understand, they were being chased by ‘robots! These are Dominion and these SOS – SAS machines or whatever. “

“They’re threatening – or they did, I think? They are stalking – but you know what? Ha! That’s cool!

“I welcome them to come after me because I’ve got all the evidence, then we’ll finally see it, right?”

The host replied, “Absolutely.”

Then Mike Lindell claimed to speak to the attorney that Trump disavowed, Sidney Powell, at least twice a day and recklessly explained their conversations. Most of the second syllable 1:48 are phrases and filler words.

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He discusses the “promise” of Sydney Powell.

“She promised that she will keep fighting until everyone knows about this. Automated fraud.”

“Other countries took this election from us.

“And this is my promise to everyone as well. There is no way we – and it is, you know it is uh – do we go down?”

“Well, I’m sure we’re slipping like everybody else because, you know, if, you know, I’m going, I have to tell Sydney that we can’t, we live without fear.”

“We only fear the Lord. That’s all we can do. And we, you know, did it, and we still do, if something else comes in me I do.”

Lendl then claimed that he had made his own calculations with his own numbers, hence knowing that the elections were rigged.

In the final clip, the two men pitched their idea that Donald Trump might remain president after Joe Biden’s inauguration. Lyndell agreed that it was possible and offered parting words to that end.

He encouraged everyone to pray for Trump and not feel depressed.

He also claimed that the truth will be revealed, and the inauguration may be null and void, and God did not come in this way just to lose.

“Yes, yeah. I want everyone out there to keep praying for the president. But I will say this: 100% the truth will be revealed.”

“And when that is the case, we don’t know what happens next. So, you know, don’t do, I don’t want everyone to be so depressed, well, what if nothing is done and this guy just, it’s no – this post will be null and void “.

“I mean, it’s not true even when it’s done with the suspicion that when this is revealed – and it will be, I give everyone my promise. It will be.”

“We did not go all this way, and God did not do everything, you know, fight all this evil, to lose it. That would be wonderful.”

Twitter found it amazing, okay.

Lendl probably wouldn’t worry too much.

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As news spread that retailers were dropping MyPillow, right-wing figures started encouraging their followers to buy the products directly.

A quick Twitter search shows that traffic is doing fairly well.

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