Murals of the greatest sciences

Murals of the greatest sciencesL-EMV

From different countries and fields of knowledge, young and experienced, living or gone in history… the project “Science Gifts” He has already depicted 36 scientific figures on large walls in dozens of municipalities, mostly in Valencia, but also in Gandia, Alcoy, Ontinent, Albalate de la Ribera, Zerivella, Borjasot, El Mesafís, Alboraya or Godilla.

Today, February 11, International Day of Women and Girls in Science is celebrated and names like those of oncologists are recognized. Anna Loch and Maria Blasko; Primate world Jane Goodallinventor Hedy Lamarr, astronauts Mae Jemison and Sarah Garcia Alonso; Or physics Vandana Shiva and Alicia Saints – who already have their murals – but with “Dones de Ciència” they are present 365 days a year in schools, institutes and university campuses, where the majority of paintings are located by different young urban artists such as Yoda, Julieta.

The first drawing, with the rector, was a tribute to Margarita Salas, and the following projects in Ana Conesa, Eva Nogales, Carme Torras, Marga Sanchez Romero, or Pilar Carbonero.

UPV and Las Naves

The project, which is entering its fifth year and was launched in 2019, is led by Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) And the Las Naves Innovation Center of the Valencia City Council, in cooperation with Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (Fecyt).

The university says the goal is to “highlight and honor great women of national and international reference in their fields of research, through the eyes of great women also in the mural.” It is especially aimed at girls, which is why walls in educational centers are chosen above all else.

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“Dones de Ciència” is a pioneering commitment and reference for universities and institutions throughout Spain, having already received the Prismas Prize in 2022 and in 2019 chosen as the best scientific publishing project by National network of units of scientific culture and innovation (UCC+i). It has several ways to discover the murals by bike, with a guide and online information.

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