Most watched this week on Hulu in the US

These are the titles most searched for by Hulu subscribers. (information).

to Movie lovers Access to a wide catalog of films has never been so easy as it is now with the advent of streaming platforms, such as Hulu, although this has a drawback: among the variety of titles and genres that characterize the new millennium it is not easy to find The next production to enjoy.

However, thinking about these new challenges, Hulu offers its subscribers A list of his most famous filmsso it's easier to choose what you want to watch.

Different types, all with interesting stories to spend long hours in front of the screen instead of wondering how to download a video from Facebook.

1. Independent

Mason Beatty (John Cena) is a retired Special Forces soldier who, after years of peace, quiet and monotony, decides to leave his boring retirement in the suburbs to return to work and protect a journalist (Alison Brie) while she interviews a cruel dictator. (Juan Pablo Raba). In the middle of the interview, a military coup will occur that will put their lives in danger and lead them to hide in the forest where they will have to work hard to survive.

2. The island

2019. Lincoln Six Echo and Jordan Two Delta are among hundreds residing in a type of concentration camp. Within this carefully guarded place, his daily life, like the lives of others, is strictly controlled and full of restrictions. The only way out – and the hope everyone shares – is to be chosen to go to “The Island,” the only place in the world that has not suffered the polluting effects of an environmental catastrophe that has seemingly wiped out all humans, except the inhabitants of that area. Lincoln, who is tormented by inexplicable nightmares, becomes increasingly anxious and his increasing curiosity will lead him to discover a terrible secret.

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3. Hazardous water

A boating vacation spirals out of control when a teenage daughter discovers the dark past of her mother's new boyfriend.

4. Finally home alone

Max Mercer is left alone on Christmas and will do whatever it takes to protect his home from intruders.

5. We delivered

In a small town, five people unite because they were the victims of an unpunished crime and plan to kill a psychopath in the local town, only to realize this once you start playing God.

6. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

In the middle of the Christmas holiday, young Kevin and his family are about to board a plane to enjoy a short vacation, but Kevin makes a mistake and boards a plane that takes him to New York, where he once again finds himself alone and unprotected. .

7. Magic Mike's Last Dance

After a long hiatus and after a failed business that bankrupted him and forced him to work as a waiter in Florida clubs, it was time for “Magic” Mike Lane to return to the stage. Hoping to take part in what he considers the last show of his career, Mike heads to London with a wealthy, high-ranking woman who tempts him with an offer he can't refuse… and a pre-planned agenda.

8. Maids and ladies

Mississippi, 1960s Skeeter, a young Southern woman returns from college determined to become a writer. Her arrival changes the lives of the city and even the lives of her friends because she decides to interview black women who have spent their lives serving large families suffering from all forms of racial discrimination.

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9. Mr. Robot

The film revolves around a mysterious anarchist who recruits a young computer programmer (Malik) who suffers from antisocial disorder and communicates with people by hacking them.

10. Bulletproof 2

Secret agent Jack Carter assumes the identity of Archie Moses to infiltrate a powerful South African crime family. However, when a meeting between two gangs goes awry, the real Moses and Carten must join forces to finish the job.

*Some titles may be repeated in the classification because they are different episodes, seasons, or installments, and may also not have a description because the platform does not provide it.

Hulu has also positioned itself in the streaming wars. (Reuters/Dado Rovik)

Holo It is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the United States and Japan that allows its subscribers to watch various series and movies. It is known in Latin America as star+.

It was initially created in October 2007 as Video on demand servicethe company has undergone several changes in recent years: in 2010 it was renamed to Hulu Plus, and in 2017 the company launched Hulu with Live TV.

In 2019, when the company already had 28 million subscribers, Disney announced the acquisition of 21st Century Fox, giving it a 60% stake in Hulu; AT&T (now owner of WarnerMedia) has sold its 10% stake and Comcast will give 33% of its shares to Disney in 2024.

With this, Hulu now works alongside Disney, but is primarily focused on streaming content Latest TV shows From many popular channels in the United States (immediately after their broadcast); As well as watching original content, movies and documentaries.

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Unlike other platforms, Hulu allows its users to access series and programs from 75 channels, including local news and sports. Its services include Disney Channel, ESPN, CBS, NBC, Fox, Discovery Channel, TLC, Motor Trend, Animal Planet, MTV, Comedy Central, VH1, NickToons, Paramount and others.

Hulu has it too Original contenttheir first productions are Battleground, Day in the Life, Up to Speed, Don't Quit Your Daydream, Flow, The Awesomes and We Got Next.

Among its main features is that in 2019 Hulu enabled View content offlineallowing its subscribers to download up to 25 titles on five different devices to view the content within a 30-day time limit.

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