More than 900 Mayo Clinic employees have contracted COVID-19 in the past two weeks

The hospital announced on Tuesday that more than 900 Mayo Clinic staff in Rochester, Minnesota, have contracted the coronavirus in the past two weeks.

Clinical Practice Dean Amy Williams revealed the positive cases at a press conference, saying 93 percent Of employees contracted the virus in the larger Rochester community while many of those who contracted it in the clinic in the break room while eating, Saint Paul Pioneer Press reports.

“Our employees are infected mostly due to community outbreaks, and this affects our ability to care for patients. We need everyone in the communities we serve to do their part to limit the spread of COVID-19,” indicating how easily it can get infected with the virus in the Midwest. The states are currently seeing an increase in the number of cases.

More than 900 The employees account for more than a third of the 2,981 Mayo employees diagnosed with COVID-19 to date. St. Paul Pioneer Press reported. When counting those who are in quarantine or left to look after family members, the clinic is currently experiencing a staff shortage of around 1,500 in their entire system.

At the same press conference, Williams said all 32 of the clinic’s 32 ICU beds were filled at Rochester Hospital. The clinic is currently expanding the unit with nearly ten beds.

“We have 32 coronavirus patients who need third-class care, which is not good. It tells us that we are in a sudden increase.” She added that there are 73 Covid-19 patients currently staying in hospital in places other than the ICU.

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“All of our hospitals are already stretched, and many of them are completely full.” Williams said, but added: “We still have the power for anyone who needs our care.”

Minnesota has reported 236,949 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 2,943 deaths from the disease since the start of the pandemic. According to the state health department.

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