More free games? PlayStation promises to have surprises to be announced on the Play At Home program

Sony still seems to have games to give up in the coming months.

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After several weeks of waiting, Horizon Zero Dawn: The Complete Edition Now available to download for free on PS4 and PS5, all of them As part of the Play at Home program. Many thought this interesting and attractive proposal would end after a game Gang war games Despite what they say from the PlayStation, it appears that They still have many surprises unpublished.

So far, Play at Home has awarded a total of 13 games.In a hadith entry in Official PlayStation Blog Director of Communications at SIE, Mr. SchumannDetails of how to download a completely free digital copy from Horizon Zero DawnAnd the rest of the games are in this Play At Home promotion. Although a game Gang war games He is the most noticeable thing, the director closed his text with a simple message that really raised expectations. By hinting that there are still more gifts From Sony for the next few months.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to watch Play at Home this spring. There’s still more to comeSo stay tuned and check out the Play at Home page. And remember: stay safe, stay out social and wear masks! Syed Shoman’s comments to conclude his blog post.

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While the director has not specified future plans for the upgrade, many believe this may translate into more free games in the coming months. Remember that Play at home It is a program It started in April 2020 However Sony He sought to encourage players to stay home in these times of the pandemic.

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So far the initiative has granted all users Play Station Total of 13 games, including titles such as JourneyAnd the Anonymous: The Nathan Drake Group s Ratchet and clankAs well as what was previously mentioned Horizon Zero Dawn: The Complete Edition.

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