Miley sends seven lists of political ambassadors to the Senate, while Mondino identifies candidates for eight coveted diplomatic posts

President Javier Miley and his advisor Diana Mondino speak on the balcony of San Martin Palace

Javier Miley hopes that his first seven ambassadors will be of political origin – “Article 5” in Slang Power – passes without much complications through the Senate, while Diana Mondino tries to Quiet a harsh battle in the palace between thirty professional and influential candidates in Balcarce 50 Which aims to occupy eight positions in destinations distinguished by their geopolitical agenda and diplomatic charm.

In the coming days, the president will send it to the Senate Gerardo Verthen (United State), Daniel Cioli (Brazil), Ian Selecki (France), Mariano Cochino (India), Shimon Axel and Hanish (Israel), William Nielsen (Paraguay) and Sonia Cavallo Rondi (Organization of American States).

The specifications of political ambassadors proposed by Miley will be discussed during the special sessions in January The head of state has guaranteed votes Its seven representatives will occupy the embassies before the end of the summer in Argentina.

Verthen and Cielecki, who will represent the government before Joseph Biden and Emmanuel Macron, have already begun their diplomatic responsibilities. Werthein was instrumental in preparing for Miley's trip to Washingtonwhile Sellecki took advantage of his arrival at the Elysee Palace to design in record time the blitz tour in which Mondino starred in Paris.

Javier Miley, Karina Miley, Santiago Caputo, Luis Caputo, Gerardo Verthen and Nicolas Bosz after visiting the White House

Scioli will have a complex task in Brasilia. Miley questions Lula da Silva's ideology and invited Bolsonaro to his inauguration, two political events that froze bilateral relations between the two countries. In addition, the president withdrew Argentina from BRICS, a multilateral forum in which Brazil participates alongside Russia, India, China and South Africa.

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In addition to Kosino who goes to India After recognized administration in Costa Rica and Israel, Miley hired Nielsen in Paraguay, Who was already ambassador to Germany and Saudi Arabia. The government is committed to deepening foreign trade, and India and Paraguay are two destinations that can achieve a qualitative leap for the benefit of the country.

During the administration of Alberto Fernández, Argentina supported the dictatorships of Nicaragua and Venezuela in the Organization of American States (OAS). Miley appointed Sonia Cavallo Rundi To change the country's geopolitical perspective in that regional forum, Led by Luis Almagro.

Mondino spoke with Almagro the day before yesterday and gave him the road map that Cavallo Rondi will follow when he takes office in Washington. Meanwhile, Daniele Raimondi – former Vice Chancellor of Mauricio Macri – will be in charge of the OAS' diplomatic representation.

Foreign Minister Diana Mondino is flanked by Ian Selecki (left), future Argentine ambassador to France, and Emmanuel Bonne, foreign policy advisor to Emmanuel Macron.

The advisor worked on preparing seven lists of the names of the political ambassadors who will arrive in the Senate in the coming days. But you still have to complete a tedious and exhausting task: It must appoint representatives in Russia, the Vatican, Italy, Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica and Guatemala, among other diplomatic destinations.

The palace of San Martin has become a swamp and there is a battle in the mud of Mondino He tries to appease him with good manners and his sphinx-like smile. This bidding for the palace has been going on for weeks, and the candidates appear and disappear within hours and minutes.

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Representation in Italy, the Vatican and Russia has career candidates with political influence, all of which Mondino is considering his next steps. The advisor is Adalberto Rodriguez Giavarini – Former Foreign Minister Fernando de la Rua – Embassy to the Holy See, but the valuable diplomat chose to remain in Buenos Aires.

Martin Garcia Mauritan was expected to arrive at the Kremlin, but was damaged in recent days. To occupy the ancient embassy in Rome, the list is as long as the bank of the Tiber River. Italy has received politically connected ambassadors several times. Mondino now wants to appoint a career diplomat.

It may cause delays in appointments Some anger at the government of Louis Lacalle Pou, He is not interested in the administrations of Gustavo Petro and Andres Manuel López Obrador. The presidents of Colombia and Mexico show deep ideological differences with Miley and have shown little urgency in deepening diplomatic relations with the La Libertad Avanza leader.

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