Masked Dancer Spoilers: Cotton Candy is Gaby Douglas, Olympic

Were you sleeping on the real names ofThe Masked Dancer“Contestants in Group B?” We re-watched their debut again and again on the January 6 episode of this sub-show of “The Masked Singer.” And we have re-read all of the clues provided so far on social media, including Instagram. We are now confident that it is. We can tell you the true identities of the four contestants who made it to the qualifiers airing on January 13th, including the true identity of Cotton Candy. Remember, she was a hit in Episode 2 with her high performance of the song “Glitter in the Air.” Pink.

Forget guesses by the board (Paula Abdul |And the Brian Austin GreenAnd the Ken JeongAnd the Ashley TisdaleThat Cotton Candy Gina DewanAnd the Julian Hough Or pink. We analyzed the individual clues for Cotton Candy as well as those submitted as a group for all 10 celebrities participating in Season 1 of “The Masked Dancer”. We’re convinced we know who’s hiding inside this pastry outfit. Keep reading for all of the “Masked Dancer” spoilers, including the name Cotton Candy.

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As a group, the ten contestants of “The Masked Dancer” won four Olympic golds and can boast of five of the New York Times bestsellers.

We think Cotton Candy is a gymnast Gabe Douglas. Do not believe us? Keep in mind the following:

At the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, Douglas won gold medals in each individual and team, and was last repeated at the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro. This amount represents three of the four Olympic gold medals won by “The Masked Dancer” season 1 competitors.

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Following this success, Gaby co-wrote her autobiography “Grace, Gold, and Glory My Leap of Faith” which was listed on the Young Adult Bestseller list in the New York Times in 2012.

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In the first Cotton Candy video, we saw a box of cereal (Gabby appeared on the front of Kellogg’s box after her 2012 win), an English breakfast (which could indicate a scene of her victory) and a cupcake decorated with false eyelashes and lipstick (Gabby has a line of cosmetics) Beauty with a company called Beauty Bakerie).

Cotton Candy revealed that she had to leave the house to fulfill her dream; Gabby did just that as a teenager, and has moved across the country to live with a gymnastics coach and her family.

In her first appearance on the show’s official Instagram account, the Cotton Candy star disguised as “one year, I spent my Christmas vacation at the ocean for the holidays”. Gabi recorded her family’s trip on a cruise ship to celebrate Christmas 2012.

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When revealed as one of the ten contestants in the first season of “The Masked Dancer”, Cotton Candy was described as “a person as sweet as candy”. This description definitely applies to Gabe Douglas,

We won’t know if Gabe Douglas is Cotton Candy until her mask is revealed. This will only happen if you lose a match or win the bid. Do you think we’re right about the real name of Cotton Candy? Pop in the comments section with your best guesses.

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