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Martial arts will arrive ahead of schedule

The development team is indulging in an extraordinary stride at a time full of delays.

November leaves us with a strange feeling in the world of video games, especially for delay amount On different release dates. Something we lived with today pragmattaAnd Until 2023, And Six days in Fallujahdeveloped by It continues until next year. However, the creators SIFU I decided to hit the table and Submit your release date.

SIFU introduced to February 8, 2022Sloclap the company responsible for delivery, Confirm the first offer SIFU on February 22, 2022, but they have surprised the whole community now New appointment. So develop your practice with martial arts because the title will be definitively released in February 8. The most intriguing idea among the full set of delays we’ve seen so far.

And SIFU has already warned in the summer about it It will continue to be developed until 2022, but society did not have two weeks ago Regarding your last decision. So, it’s time to review all the fighting styles and get ready for the martial arts adventure that will take us through it revenge road Loaded with kung fu fights.

There was no doubt that SIFU would catch the public’s attention, as its proposal was combined with Most bizarre ideas, How do Gradual aging every time we die. Furthermore, Sloclap has obviously worked hard to make it happen Refine your game, since they confirmed it Only the hero has 160 moves of his own. So, with this new date, it’s easy for us to wait until we debut in the martial arts world.

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