Marley showed the first letter that Mirko had written in his handwriting to Santa Claus

Mirko is already five years old And besides that he began to change his teeth, he also began to write and a good proof of this is the letter What he did for Santa Claus, which his father Marley showed him on social networks From the baby

The boy who has 5.7 million followers on Instagram, He returned from Qatar with his fatherAnd the They covered the 2022 World Cup in which Argentina became championsOne of the first things he did was to place an order for Christmas.

Dear Santa, I’m Mirko. This Christmas, I’d like to ask you about a Harry Potter and the magic broom costume. I love youhe wrote, explaining that he admires the little wizard created by J.K. Rowling.

Marley shows the request that Mirko made to Santa Claus for Christmas

Marley posted Mirko’s message on his networks to share with his followers, and wrote a text to justify the post to his followers, Without noticing the little one, so as not to fall illusion.

My letter to Santa Claus is already at the North Pole, but in case you missed it, I’ll leave it here, too”, can be read in the post. This Sunday, Marley showed that Santa Claus was good and renamed the little one: “With you, Mirko PotterHe wrote next to a photo of the boy with his gifts: the outfit he ordered and a great replica of Hogwarts’ Sorting Hat.

For his part, the driver also used his Twitter account to greet his followers on that social network. “Felish Natalie! You shouldn’t say it in Italian, but, well, I don’t know Italian, and I had champagne.”wrote there.

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