Marcus Sena is recruiting young talents to play in the USA

Mark Cenathe former Spanish international champion of Europe with Spain in 2008 and the ambassador of LaLiga and Villarreal CF, will recruit young students and Spanish football promises in Madrid Two million dollars will be distributed among them in aid until they sign the best universities and institutes from the USA in a multi-event to be organized AWEX Education From From 12 to 16 October.

This world legend will be responsible for the personal supervision of the participants, especially the boys and girls who will be awarded the scholarship that bears their name, The American Dream of Marcus Sena. It is a package of 50 scholarships with an additional bonus of up to 60% of the total cost of studying for a year in the United States. There will also be a 100% private scholarship with all costs included.

“I feel a great deal of responsibility, because when I was young, in Brazil, I did not have this opportunity. Being a part of the team that will give these scholarships is fun, I take it very seriously, as the boys love who goes to take it. Study before Being so difficult in the US, it is now more accessible and they have to take advantage of it by making the most of it,” says Marcus Sina himself.

Scholarships guaranteed to attend

The rest of the AWEX Education event attendees will be guaranteed one 60 scholarships available. The Average amount $37,000 per year, although the final amount will depend on the boy’s profile. The better the profile, the higher the amount. The only requirement to be able to access the scholarship is that you have a GPA of 6 in the educational centers and an average level in English. They will be able to reach not only football players, but also practitioners of other sports or those with technical and musical skills … The goal is to give a chance to everyone who is looking for it.

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Cena, who knows firsthand the transformation that could take place in a student’s life if he spends part of his career in the United States, tells the New York Cosmos, where Cena retired with Raul Gonzalez, another Real Madrid legend.

“In America, if you get an academic degree, Then you will be worth twice as much in your career than in any other country. Without detracting, of course, but this education has a huge prestige. They are strength. I grew up in Brazil or now have children in Spain, the training you receive in the US has nothing to do with that. “Getting a college degree in the United States is a passport to many opportunities in your life,” says Sina.

Football party in four days and two million for distribution

The exams organized by AWEX Education to access these scholarships will be spread over four days of football (also basketball and, in general, for good students) which will begin on October 12 and October 13 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Conceptual Mothers School (Princess Avenue, 19), taking advantage of the fact that the first of these days is a holiday, opens the doors for more children, not only from Madrid, but from other provinces, to come to the capital.

After this informative talk in stunning American style, American universities and high schools that will travel to Madrid to participate in the process will hold meetings with candidates on October 14-15. On Sunday the 16th, it will conclude with a sporting event at Colegio Valdeluz, where the candidates will be able to show their skills before the eyes of the experienced Marcos Senna.

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“Luis Enrique is a lot like Aragon”

Perhaps Senna’s best memory as a player is the European Championship he won in 2008. Now, with the World Cup looming in Qatar, the Brazilian Spaniard says “I trusted as much in Red, as he liked to call Luis Aragones“.

Luis Enrique reminds me a lot of Aragon. On top of that, I think the players are with him and his coaching staff. This is very important. When you are a coach, able to convince your players with your way of thinking, this is an important step for them to be calm and have a great tournament, “stresses Senna when analyzing the tournament, in which he sees Spain as one of the favourites, even if this condition is not granted.” Although Spain wants to be covered, it reveals itself. More after winning in Portugal. At Euro 2021, no one expected him to reach the semi-finals. There are things to improve, but Spain will participate strongly in the World Cup.”

“I hope Gerard Moreno is in the World Cup”

On this date, it remains to be seen if Luis Enrique will be called up Gerard Moreno, from Villarreal, was absent from the last list due to injury. “I hope that Gerrard can go to the World Cup. The problem is that he has a lot of injuries for his age. Even more than the players. But Gerrard An important piece in the selection. He is a player who has already shown that he has a lot of goals. I wish I could go. I’d like “Sina’s wishes.

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“Xavi will celebrate an era”

The former Villarreal midfielder also analyzes his future as a coach Xavi Hernandezwhich coincided with it in Spain. “Yes, I see him having options to celebrate an era. Xavi had to go through the process that he really went through last year. But they trusted him and I am sure beautiful things this year can come to him, which in his case will be titles.”

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