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Along with Luis Fonsi, Juliette, Lenny Tavarez and DJ Aloc, he performed Un ratito, which released its lyric video on Friday.

Lunai, who has been baptized as the “baby” of urban music, continues to make giant strides in his “early” career. In its recent launch, there is a cultural festival with artists from Puerto Rico and Brazil. Next to Luis Fonsi, Juliette, Lenny Tavarezand DJ Alok Submit to the topic a period, On Friday, he released his video.

With Lunay it is “all or nothing”; The artist talks about the songs on his new album “El Niño”.

“They made me an approach to this subject and when I heard it I said that this can affect the whole world. I also love music, because it is reggaeton music that the whole family can listen to”, The artist crosses for this newspaper.

He always says he’s “ready” and is more than happy with this launch, which he considers a great achievement. “Cooperating with them, especially with Fonsi and Tavarez from Puerto Rico fills me a lot, and I respect them a lot. Like Juliette and Alok who is a DJ and another star from Brazil as well, he is like Crossing for me“, says the 21-year-old Puerto Rican.

This theme not only unites the different flags, but also integrates Spanish with Portuguese. “It’s amazing how cultures come together for just one cause.”, Mentionsed.

a period It is presented with an engaging rhythm that invites you to dance and enjoy a fun moment, just as the lyrics say. “It’s a moment with someone one is attracted to or loved… then the song says that you should have a good time with that person, even for a while”Describe the artist.

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Jeffnier Osorio Moreno, his first name, is visiting Ecuador to make some important announcements about his music career. “I am announcing one of the biggest tours of my career (…) I want you to know that one of the cities I am starting with is Ecuador… I have many fans since day one who have told me that I should come to Ecuador, since then I have started. The support and affection of the audience is real.”, Manifest.

This year’s tour includes the US (Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago), Latin America (Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador), and Europe (Spain, Switzerland, UK and France).

Popular Topic Translator Not connectedAnd With Bad Bunny and Daddy Yankee, they’re promising a lot of music for 2022, more than just an album. “Lunay featuring Music, Joy, Reggaeton, Perreo from Puerto Rico and many more things, people will be able to see me on the big screen this year. I am so happy and so excited about all these projects”, invoice.

This is how the artist confirms without further details his participation in a movie. “For me it’s a big thing, it’s something I’ve dreamed about since I was young. I’ve taken it as a challenge, and when you get to Designation It’s like the music itself, it flows and captures the character”, Dice.

His style is based on raggaeton but assures that every song has a surprise, something he achieves with the help of his workgroup.. “I learn from my team every day, from my other teammates. We all do what we want, says Benito, and what we love.”


At a young age, he dreams of many things and gives an optimistic face to everything he plans to do. “I want to be one of the greatest personalities in music, to become a celebrity…and to represent Puerto Rico, not only in music but in many areas. I also help my community, helping children from residential areas, from small villages, from neighborhoods in Puerto Rico and the world.” As a whole, if they have talent, they must compel them to believe in themselves, for they will go on.” details.

What do you enjoy the most in your career? “Shows and being in the studio are the things that keep me alive, give me strength, and make me feel whole. In addition to being with my family and with my fans and being in a good mood,” reply.

Little Time is now available on all digital music platforms. (e)

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